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If you are a cigar retailer or manufacturer and would like to have your product reviewed by CigarPass, please feel free to contact us for further details.

E-Cigar King Vapor Kit Review

ECigar King Vapor4Life

It seems everywhere you look these days, there’s someone vaping. With so many restrictions against tobacco, vaping has become such a common activity amongst smokers (and even non-smokers). I recently received an email from a company called Vapor 4 Life, asking me if I’d review their new electronic cigar. I have to be honest, I wasn’t too keen on the …

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Review of Cigar Aficionado Magazine

Magazines are a great way to stay on top of any hobby, especially cigar smoking! With so many new blends hitting the shelves every month, it’s only natural that you’ll want to stay on top of these tasty treats. Looking in from the outside, you would never believe what an evolving hobby this really is. I oftentimes compare cigars to wine, …

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Avallo Accumonitor Cigar Humidifier Review

Product: Avallo Accumonitor 20/40 with optional fan timer Manufacturer: Avallo Humidors MSRP: $399.99 (plus $50.00 for optional fan timer) As like every other member of CigarPass, my cigar collection continues to grow.  Storing so many cigars can be challenging, and maintaining multiple coolidors takes up a lot of space.  I decided it was time to upgrade from my current Antique Tower (3,000 count, …

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Quality Importers 5000 Cabinet Cigar Humidor Review

The Commercial 5000 Humidor is an excellent cabinet style humidor for anyone needing extra storage.  The number of cigars in my “collection” continues to grow, and after having filled a 3,000 count tower and 5 coolers, I decided it was time to rid myself of the bulky (yet very reliable) coolidors. I purchased the QI Antique Tower several  years ago, …

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Gurkha Silver Cigar Ashtray

Cigar ashtrays are one accessory I like to collect, and I’m fortunate enough to be able to add the new (not yet released) Gurkha silver cigar ashtray to my collection.  This ashtray is large enough for most herfs, let alone an individual cigar smoker. The ashtray is approximately 8 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep.  It sits on top …

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