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Discussion in ' Website Information' started by Hillbilly Steaks, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I've been noticing some weird stuff going on lately when navigating around the forum. For example, the other day I tried to click on the "man down" thread in the lobby, and it automatically redirected me to

    this has been happening alot. I click on a forum tab or thread link and it takes me off to wonderland somewhere. anyone else seeing this?

    I also see a new pop up advertisement thing on my screen......
  2. grateful1

    grateful1 Oh My!

    Seem's like your browser was highjacked.

    Need to clean the PC.

    malware-bytes s a good cleaner.
  3. Devil Doc

    Devil Doc When Death smiles, Corpsmen smile back

    Threads like these remind me of guys coming into sick bay and asking me, "Why does it hurt when I pee"?


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