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    Table 36 is proud to announce the premiere of their inaugural line, Fellowship, which will be on shelves at selected retailers on May 22, 2012. We invite you to visit our web site (, Like us on Facebook, or Follow us on Twitter. If you have any questions, just ask. And remember, come May 22nd, your Table is ready...
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    The first informal reviews are in -- from StL to St. Joe to KC ...folks everywhere in MO are enjoying Fellowship and retailers are lining up shelf space for the premiere release from Table 36. Thanks for all the support and enthusiasm. Now, let us know if there is anything YOU want to know...
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    [sub]I would like it if you posted a bit of information on the cigar(s) in your line up. I shy away from blogs and review sites for many reasons.[/sub]
    [sub]They either get the facts wrong, make the review sound like a sexual experience, have horrible empirical methodology, and typically have been smoking cigars for a year. [/sub]
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    Yea I wasn't quite sure what the "table" thing is about.
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    We were purposefully avoiding too much info about the sticks in advance of a debut at their 5/17 launch party. But now, we would love to tell you all about us...and Fellowship, our inaugural line.

    To answer the question about "the 'table' thing" -- We began holding a cigar dinner on the last Monday of the month at a local steak house about 5 years ago. Our table was 36. When the smoking ban hit us here in St. Louis, we were forced to move, but we kept the spirit of the evening AND the name Table 36.

    As far as our sticks...

    Fellowship is produced by Table 36 in cooperation with Alec Bradley at the famed Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras, home of the Prensdao, Tempus, and Illusione lines.

    Boasting a rich, oily Habano “Colorado Subido” wrapper from Raices’ own farm in Trojes, a Criollo 98 binder, and Nicaraguan long filler supplemented by Honduran seco and viso leaves, again from Raices own farm, this stick is a bold first outing with an outstanding pedigree.

    Officially billed as “medium bodied” but decidedly cheated to the fuller side of the spectrum, Fellowship is a cigar easily enjoyed by novices, enthusiasts, and aficionados alike. Fellowship is offered in four sizes: Robusto (5 X 50), Corona Gorda (5.5. X 46), Toro (6 X 50) and the V58 (6.5 X 58). Your table is ready!

    For more information, please visit our web site , Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.

    Hope that helps answer some of your questions.

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