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Cigars 101

This is where you’ll find tons of cigar related information, how-to’s, tips, etc. We welcome article submissions. Please email us if you’re interested.

Cuban Cigar Box Codes

A list of Cuban cigar box codes.  Most box codes can be found on the bottom side of the cigar box, and are stamped with a code.  Use the below reference guide to find out what your box codes mean. Example: [POS] Manufacturer [MAR] Month of Production [07] Year of Production Bolivar Belicosos Finos Box 25 POS DIC 06 Bolivar …

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How to store your cigars

Cigars, like any other consumable item requires proper storage and maintenance, otherwise they will quickly go bad. Unless you plan on smoking your newly purchased cigars within a day or so, you will need to store them in what’s called a humidor. Humidors come in all sizes, from very small (only able to store 5 or so cigars) to very …

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Comprehensive list of cigar terms

Below is a list of common cigar terms and abbreviations. If we missed anything, please let us know and we’ll add it. Aficionado– Cigar smoker afflicted with delusions of grandeur. Amarillo– A yellow wrapper leaf grown under shade. American Market Selection– Abbreviated AMS, a seldom-used term created by the major importer of Cuban cigars in the 1950s to designate claro-colored wrappers. …

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Learn how to smoke a cigar

Learning how to smoke a cigar properly will add to the enjoyment of the hobby, and allow you to fully appreciate cigars. Most people smoke cigars for the pleasure and relaxation effects they offer, not for a nicotine fix. Smoking a cigar, to some, is a ritual. The one thing to remember is only enjoy a cigar when you have …

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Cigar Herf explained

Cigar Herf

You’re probably wondering what a cigar herf is… Its roots of the term herf are still uncertain, however the word was coined back in the mid 90′s by members of a cigar newsgroup (before cigar forums). No one knows exactly how herf originated, however the basic definition of a herf is simply a fancy term for “cigar party” or a way …

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Calibrating your cigar hygrometer

To ensure that your cigars are being stored at the correct humidity, use this guide to calibrate your cigar hygrometer.  It’s always a good idea to check the accuracy of your hygrometer occasionally to ensure it is still accurate. You can use the Salt Test method on both digital and analog hygrometers. Most hygrometers today can either be adjusted or …

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How to review a cigar

Cigars, to many, provide a great deal of pleasure and relaxation.  Cigar smokers don’t smoke because they have to, they smoke because they want to experience all that a cigar can offer.  Aside from relaxing with your cigar, it’s also fun to take notes and review a cigar once in a while.  Whenever I smoke a cigar, I always make …

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SoloCigars.com – The leader in fake and counterfeit Cuban cigars

When you buy cigars online, you want to be certain that you get what you pay for. No one wants to throw away their hard earned money on something fake. SoloCigars.com is the leader in fake and counterfeit Cuban cigars, and has been since they launched their website in 2005. The owners of SoloCigars continue to create fake accounts on …

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List of the best online cigar forums reviewed

Cigar forums have been around since the mid-90’s. The first inception of a cigar forum was commonly known as newsgroups. Newsgroups were very popular when the internet first became available to the public. There were newsgroups on virtually any topic, including cigars. The one drawback was lack of moderation and oversight, as many became overrun with spam and trolls. Thus, …

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