Did you know you can find really good deals on cigars that offer either daily specials or even cigar auctions? We have created a list of some of the best cigar deal sites around. One of the biggest advantages of these sites it that you’ll find really great deals on small batches. An excellent way to try new cigars without having to pay for an entire box, although that also an option too.

Daily Cigar Deals

  • Cigar Monster – Owned by Famous Cigar, this is the original daily deal site. You’ll find a plethora of super low priced cigars and accessories. They update every hour, so you’re sure to score a great deal!

Cigar Auctions

  • CigarBid – The original cigar auction site! These guys were the first to do it, and have been around for many years. Lots of great deals, though be careful, it can be addicting! Now they even off “prices falling” auctions, which lists products in which prices lower every second. They also have excellent deals on pipe tobacco too!
  • Cigar Auctioneer – Another site owned by Famous, however this one is specifically for cigar auctions. Lots of great deals are posted every day!
  • JR Cigar Auctions – An extension of the JR Cigar website, they now offer auctions.
  • Thomspon Cigar Auctions – Lots of cigar auctions here as well, in addition to 1 hour and 6 auctions. You don’t have to wait all day for an auction to end!