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    Well talk about weird

    That's trippy.. pretty cool, but trippy!
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    Today's Smoke 2022

    Like a giant bowl of Alphabet soup behind you! Can you get those in all 26 or were they just Happy Birthday? Would be fun to spell out different stuff.. BEWARE! SHARK!
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    Today's Smoke 2022

    They definitely are cigar crack. A DE gem that has largely flown under the radar. I try to include one everytime I send something out. Really hit their stride at 2 year nap mark.
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    Best Way To Season?

    Talked to him this morning. He should hopefully be on tonight.
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    Help design a CP Shirt

    Is that a pullover or does it zip?
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    Help design a CP Shirt

    Wow! Get the man his chicken dinner! I'll take 2-3 as soon as made to start with. Do they have a pocket-T option available? Love slipping a couple sticks or my phone in them.
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    Mailman pissed his pants

    It's all going as planned... 🤫😛
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    Best Way To Season?

    Great advice as usual, at $35/ea for those desktops you bought you could get 2 Igloos (Walmart) and 2 Govees (Amazon). You're going to just end up buying them anyway. Take the plunge and welcome aboard!
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    Conspiracy theories

    Maybe he means the French.. 🤢
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    2022-05 Quintero Tubulares (unknown year or code)

    I second Dan, that was an interesting stick. How was burn and construction?
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    Happy birthday CgarDan

    Happy Birthday! 🎂🍻🥳🍻👍🕺🍹🎉🍾🥂🎁
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    Help design a CP Shirt

    I was gonna mention the same about the chick.. on an "erect" cigar and would chicks wanna wear it (ahh 2000.. a simpler, less "sensitive" time)? The smaller upper-left logo on front is definitely preferable. But I think it should incorporate on there also.. a TON of people will see...
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    Help me build a true sampler

    Yea.. the Azulejo has almost like a turquoise colored band and ribboned foot. All 3 are tasty. The orange footed one Michael mentioned pairs really well with pales and more summer-y beers.
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    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2022

    Chico is a giant in the DR and industry in general. I agree with Michael that it looks like a band tear.. that said, I don't think it was.. not a Chico. Not surprised one bit that they took care of you. 👍
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    Help me build a true sampler

    Those are incredible. Have you had the escuro?