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  1. kona1000

    Home Is Where The Hague Is

    Good luck! A lot of big decisions from everyone in the family.
  2. kona1000

    Top Cuban Cigars by Year

    Not sure if global warming/ weather patterns change has anything to do with tobacco but the maple syrup industry is getting crushed without the super low temps we used to get. Trees produce more complex sugars with the colder temps. I haven’t smoked enough Cubans to really have an idea of...
  3. kona1000

    God of Fire double robusto 2007

    Same here. I got the jar , I don’t know, 10 years ago. Haven’t smoked one yet!
  4. kona1000

    Reluctant admission

    Jonny B. Get yourself a good therapist. Get someone to talk to and be present for your daughter. She needs her dad. Pour all your love into to her to let her know you will always be there!! Keep you in my prayers Bro. It’s never so bad you need to harm yourself. Tough times pass.
  5. kona1000

    Too many options!

    I really like the padron 2000 for cheap smokes. I know some on here think they get worse with age but my experience has been the opposite. IMO A 2000 with 5+ years on it is a fantastic smoke.
  6. kona1000

    Trillium- Need Help

    To much wheat in the beer for me. And very expensive.
  7. kona1000

    What are you interested in learning

    I’m am huge into plasma science right now. I think it is seriously going to change the world!! Tesla was right!!
  8. kona1000

    Happy Birthday Kona1000

    Thanks guys!! It was legendary!!
  9. kona1000

    2018 Secret Santa Sign Up's

    I just want to let people know the kids really look forward to this- SO DONT FUCK IT UP. I won’t go into my history with this awesome event. Please follow the rules and do the right thing.
  10. kona1000

    Happy Thread

    First Thanksgiving at our place!! Did my first turkey and it was as tender and juicy as ever!!
  11. kona1000

    Happy Thread

    Happy to have the 3 acres of grass mowed, all the brakes done a bit of football in and to finish it off, a stogie at the end of the day- with a day off tomorrow!!!
  12. kona1000

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2018)

    More like what beer do I drink everyday!! ALL DAY IPA. Really good stuff.
  13. kona1000

    Today’s Smoke 2018

    I had my first really aweful padron 2000. Had about a year on it but totally tasted like ass. Needless to say I only got halfway thru. It felt like it had a big stick in the remaining half. What has Padron done?? I’ve smoked a ton of these usually always with a year plus on ‘em never had a...
  14. kona1000

    So, who do think is the best cook on CP?

    I’ve won some local chef Competitions. In my old location. I’d put my Cesar salad up against anybody!!
  15. kona1000


    I’m liked Avb’s comments on getting a rifle and hand gun that use the same ammo. Seems to make sense. I’m not really looking to hunt anything, although it might be a necessity when things get weird. It’s mostly for protection. Does anyone else see the world economic system and...
  16. kona1000


    Great stuff - thanks. I’m thinking my budget is about 1500$ plus ammo and a a gun course. I’m not sure if that reasonable. I could go higher but I don’t want to go to much higher. I guess I’ll keep my eyes open for gun shows.
  17. kona1000


    What do you think about buying used?
  18. kona1000


    Wow some great deals. You site is kind of a pain. When it said ‘proceed to check out’ or ‘go back to shopping’ it alway went to check out. Kind of a pain but a great deal on #1’s for sure.
  19. kona1000


    Never been a gun guy but I’m looking to get a shotgun and a rifle- good for long range. I am not experienced at all with guns, so I know I have a lot to learn. I have recently given myself the doomsday prepper tag and am looking to protect my family when SHTF. THANKS For any advise.