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  1. bfreebern

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2019)

    Yep, one of the highest rated breweries in the US.
  2. bfreebern

    Calling the 80’s kids

    Not sure what those are, but I still have my M.U.S.C.L.E figures, see the below video:
  3. bfreebern

    I know I’ve been away...

    Good to hear, but the better question is how is Josh handling it :)
  4. bfreebern

    Today’s Smoke 2019

    I burned through so many, before I knew what I had. Sure wish I had saved some, LOL. The 2006 versions just weren't the same.
  5. bfreebern

    Home Is Where The Hague Is

    I've never been to Europe, would love to see where you guys are staying. So we can expect a different type of cigar photos, from you now?
  6. bfreebern

    Today’s Smoke 2019

    I love the 2001 Cohiba Piramides
  7. bfreebern

    GregSVT, happy birthday

    Happy Beerday Greg!
  8. bfreebern

    Happy birthday NullSmurf

    Happy Birthday Bruce @NullSmurf
  9. bfreebern

    Today’s Smoke 2019

    My last cigar from Brian (Infinity), courtesy of John @jfields A 2005 AF shark, man what a great mellowed out Anejo! Enjoying it around the fire, makes it even better.
  10. bfreebern

    💥 Boom 💥

    You're welcome Cody, enjoy it!
  11. bfreebern

    Now Playing....(Movies and Reviews)

    That's a great song :) Can't comment on the series, haven't watched it.
  12. bfreebern

    Happy Birthday Breedy!

    Happy Birthday Dude!
  13. bfreebern

    What music are you listening to currently?

    I got into Santana, when he and Rob Thomas did "Smooth", in 1999. Have been a fan since. I was in Sacramento in June of '99, training for my new job. Every time I hear this song, it brings back a lot of memories!
  14. bfreebern

    The older she gets the more she hates my cigars

    LMAO, do as Gary says! Man, not sure what to tell you, besides finding the room in your garage OR finding a nice lounge to frequent. Back her car out, shut the door, turn the heater on and enjoy the cigar. When done, re-park her car in the garage. Might be too much of a hassle, but you gotta...
  15. bfreebern

    Forum updated

    Yeah, you both can suck it.
  16. bfreebern

    The older she gets the more she hates my cigars

    If your garage insulated? If so, why not just smoke in the garage. Look into something like this:
  17. bfreebern

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2019)

    Headed to the Prairie BrewPub in town and had a couple Pirate variations: Pirate Paradise: Paradise Punch:
  18. bfreebern

    Happy Thread

    Looks great!
  19. bfreebern

    The older she gets the more she hates my cigars

    It also buys a lot of happiness and understanding with your wife.