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  1. MC2712

    Look at the new humidor I got yesterday

    Very nice, congrats and enjoy!
  2. MC2712

    Cigar Band Table Project:

    Very cool project, looks awesome.
  3. MC2712

    Pacquiao vs. Hatton

    Pacquiao is the main man in boxing right now. Both Mayweather's are over rated!
  4. MC2712

    Manny being Manny

    Manny, Manny read the bottle 1st!
  5. MC2712

    My turn

    Great selection and great collection, enjoy them all.
  6. MC2712

    I am going in boys...cover me.

    That is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY!
  7. MC2712

    Pepin Porn

    Very cool, enjoy.
  8. MC2712

    Your thoughts on this ?

    Very nice, its a little pricey, but it is a great looking humidor.
  9. MC2712

    Opus X under the knife!

    Very funny thread.
  10. MC2712

    Humidity while shipping in country

    I always use a waterpillow when sending out cigars, I do it because the USPS, I don't trust them.
  11. MC2712

    Vinotemp Porn

    Very nice set up, drawers look great.
  12. MC2712

    floral foam

    I'm using floral foam and its a pain in the A#*, i'm getting some beads as soon as I can.
  13. MC2712


    These are all very funny, i'm going to have steal some these jokes.
  14. MC2712

    We now know who SHE is!

    She is outstanding!! I'm a Big fan.
  15. MC2712

    Nicotine Sickness

    I got nicotine sickness when I quicked smoked a La Aurora 1495 to the nub. It took me about 3 hours to get over, I now take my time when I smoke my cigars.
  16. MC2712

    It's like Christmas in August!

    Congrats on a very nice humidor. Also MandyPi is a good man and an outstanding BOTL.
  17. MC2712

    A good day

    Very nice pick up.
  18. MC2712

    At&t U-Verse TV/Phone/Internet via IP

    I have had AT&T U-Verse for 2 weeks and no complaints so far. The T.V. side is really good the picture is very crisp and this is on my 10 year old TV. The internet is great also.
  19. MC2712

    My cigar shop experience.

    Great story thanks for sharing.
  20. MC2712

    One way to ruin a BBQ..

    great photos.