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  1. broblues

    Midwest smoke out

    Has anyone here given thought to the Midwest Smoke Out this year (April 30th, Merrillville, IN, Radisson Star Plaza, $160.00)?  I'm trying to decide if I am going to go and seeing some of you there would certainly help me make up my mind.  Thanks,   Steve
  2. broblues

    I never thought I'd say this........................but,

    Way to go OHIO State!  
  3. broblues

    I'm not looking for sympathy

    I just want to inform all of the Brothers here of something I've been going through.   On March 27th an X-Ray I requested showed a mass on my right lower lung.   Through extensive testing over the past 8 weeks it has been determined I have Stage 4 lung cancer that has metastasized into several...
  4. broblues

    What the heck Modo22?

    Again, only a couple of days since we started rebuilding from the last bomb, I'm hit again.  Devastated.  Honored.  Humbled.   Ben.........way over the top.  Even for another Hoosier.  Even more reason to meet up at the Midwest Smoke Out.   Thanks Ben, way unexpected and undeserved.  You're a...
  5. broblues

    Oh, the humanity.....

    My wife and I purchased a 70 year old home 12 years ago. Many times when we are camping during the summer, we joke about our desire to come home to our "handyman special" being hit by a twister so the maintenance hours would stop. Well, joke no more! When I came home today, carnage beyond...
  6. broblues

    Any Active Duty Shipboard Navy here?

    What is the smoking situation currently aboard NAVY Ships?
  7. broblues

    WYSWYG a little help please

    I bought a domain and want to develop it myself.  What software is fairly easy to understand and will create a nice looking web page?   Thanks in advance.   Steve
  8. broblues

    The Professor Passes away

    He could build a generator from scrap metal and coconuts, but couldn't fix a boat.  Maybe that's why he was the Professor and not the Handyman..........   Rip Russell.
  9. broblues

    Midwest Smoke Out

    Tickets are now on sale for the 2014 Midwest Smoke Out at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond IN.  A good time, every year.   Visit their web page for info.
  10. broblues

    2K6TBSS........a GREAT Brother

    Living in flyover country, I miss out on some of the great cigar stuff that goes on around the country.  When I saw that CRA had it's 2013 Sampler available, I researched and found no CRA retailers close.  I posted here for help finding the Sampler.  I received 2 responses, one of which was Jeff...
  11. broblues

    CRA Limited Edition Sampler

    Do any of you shop at any of the CRA Retailers listed on in the email?  If so could you check on pricing and/or availability?   Would you be able to ship?   Thanks.    Steve
  12. broblues

    Premium cigar Pricing

    You walk into a B&M wanting to have a cigar, you don't recognize many labels.  At what price point do you feel you have a good chance of getting a good cigar? :whistling:
  13. broblues

    5 Star Cigar

    Several months ago, I received a cigar that one of the guys that works for me brought back from the Dominican Republic.  The ring has 5 Star Cigar as well as Cigarros Estrella on it.  Anyway, after sitting in the humidor for a few months, I pulled it out last weekend and put fire to it.  I was...
  14. broblues

    View Count.....Doesn't go up?

    I have noticed that when I read someone's post and there are zero views and zero comments, the view count doesn't go up.  What triggers the count to advance?  Does someone have to comment first?
  15. broblues

    Putting away the Heat

    Come on Pacers..............Come home winners! :thumbs:
  16. broblues

    The Star of the Show

    Here lately, it seems there have been several NEWBS that don't want to pay their dues at CP before they start to criticise newer NEWBS.  It appears a lot of this behavior is pushing the tenured members to become less active.  What a shame.  What a loss to all of us.   The post padding is driving...
  17. broblues

    Moral dilemma...your thoughts

    A woman I know (I believe her to be bipolar, but not sure), consistantly makes cutting remarks to "friends" publicly.  A person gets upset with her and calls her out privately, creating quite a stir.  Is the originating person, because of her suspected condition, to receive a "free pass" on her...
  18. broblues

    Member Since

    Is that feature gone again?   Permanently?
  19. broblues

    Midwest Smoke Out

    Just got my ticket!   Hopefully some of you other Brothers and Sisters (Ken...) are coming.
  20. broblues


    Last year I was at the Midwest Smoke Out, and one of the cigars they gave us was a Camacho CLE Limited Edition. It was an amazing cigar. I searched and searched, then I found out that CLE didn't mean Camacho Limited Edition, it meant Christian Louis Eiroa. Now I have found he has left Camacho...