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  1. chiefmd

    Smoke in new car?

    How many of you all smoke in your new car or have done so? Just got a truck and haven't been brave enough to. I smoked all the time in my previous car.
  2. chiefmd

    My new Air 281 Wineador

    Found this wineador locally. Great shape and drawers made by The only thing I am afraid of is filling this thing up haha. The only down side to this is that I don't have room for many boxes. If I had to I could make an inexpensive coolidor and keep this for my better sticks...
  3. chiefmd

    Peter James Cigar Case

    So after much deliberation I finally broke down and bought a case. Let me say they are well worth the money. Anyone seen one in person or have one?
  4. chiefmd

    Vegas tomorrow

    I'll be in Vegas for a few days. Anyone going to be in the area?
  5. chiefmd

    Doctor almost gets hand blown off

    So my wife and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary today. She had to work the night shift tonight so it's just me at home. I come home and check the mail and boom!!! Almost get my hand blown off. There lay a package from my dear friend Sar. I immediately felt guilt for having moved from...
  6. chiefmd

    Good friends

    I have not been as active on Cigar Pass as I would like.  Residency has gotten in the way of life and well life gets in the way of everything else.  What I can always count on to stay the same is the friendships that I have built through Cigar Pass.  Joebunaga offered a good deal on a whisky...
  7. chiefmd

    Thanksgiving smokes

    What are you smoking today?
  8. chiefmd

    Beer Sellar tonight.

    Hey everyone. Sorry for the short notice. I'll be up in Newport KY at the Beer Sellar today around 5. They're having a La Abeja cigar event. It's a local brand from the Party Source. Punk_lawyer might show up. If anyone is available let me know.
  9. chiefmd

    Cedar on or off

    So I was at my wife's friends house last night. I found out the husband smoked cigars so I took a few to share. I gave him a AF 858 sungrown which had the cedar wrap. So I lit mine up and 5 minutes later I see a burn in his cedar...on his cigar! I left it for a minute and contemplated letting...
  10. chiefmd

    Our new home

    The wifey, puppies, and I just arrived in Lexington, KY. We close on our house tomorrow and will be settling in over the next week before work starts. The unloading of the truck won't be fun. Luckily the local B&M is about a mile or so from the house. I'll have to pick up a celebratory cigar...
  11. chiefmd

    Mother's Day Smoke

    What are you all smoking or doing for Mother's Day?
  12. chiefmd

    University of Kentucky

    Well it has been a crazy week.  As many of you all know I am in medical school.  Monday I found out that I will be going into orthopaedic surgery for my specialty.  The whole week we waited to find out where we were going to do our specialties and today was the day.  I will be going to the...
  13. chiefmd

    Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams

    I just acquired a bottle of this from the wifey as a Christmas present. I have heard good things about it. Anyone tried some?
  14. chiefmd

    The femur

    So I walk into my local B&M and this guy is smoking this cigar. Its called The Femur. At 45 min-an hour he was at the point where I took this picture.
  15. chiefmd

    Chiefmd's interview trail

    I will be interviewing for residency jobs over the next couple of months. Stops I have so far are: Detroit/royal oak Michigan Dec 7 Lexington KY jan 4 Let me know if anyone is in the area. Hopefully I'll have more locations to post up.
  16. chiefmd

    ChiefMD's 2 year contest Veteran's Day

    I am celebrating my two year anniversary a little early this year with a contest for Veteran's day.  Being a Navy vet myself I usually try to do something to give back.  Last year I held the Veteran's day pass and I thought I would try something different this year.     The low down:  Each...
  17. chiefmd

    Cigars for fishing trip

    I am going on a fishing trip next weekend and am looking for some cigars to take with me. I would prefer an inexpensive cigar but one that I would enjoy as well. It will be windy so I would like a cigar that could hold up for the conditions. Preferably cost appropriate that I could give some...
  18. chiefmd


    Ill be in vegas on Wednesday. Ill be there till Saturday morning. Anyone want to meet up?
  19. chiefmd

    The things you find at mom's house

    So I drove 6 hours today to my mom's house to visit and pick up some stuff and I am heading back to Houston tomorrow morning.  As I walked into the house I noticed a fairly nice humidor package.  Knowing that no one else she knows smokes cigars except me I figure it is a present for me.  I go...
  20. chiefmd

    What's your cigar routine?

    So I was wondering what everyone's cigar routine is.  Do you pack some cigars with you in the morning before you head out? Just have a cigar after dinner? Once a day? Every other day?  The other day I took a cigar with me knowing I was going to a nice place for dinner and figured a cigar on the...