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  1. chiefmd

    Houston Area Herf

    Going back to Kentucky on Sunday unfortunately
  2. chiefmd

    Houston Area Herf

    Getting the group back together.
  3. chiefmd

    Wine & Liquor PIF 2014

    I wrap it in bubble wrap and then throw newspaper in the box. Usually a medium or large flat rate box works well
  4. chiefmd

    I am Boar's fanboy squee~

    I can't get Blantons pretty regularly. I am in the middle of the bourbon capital of the world Hit me up if you need me to look for anything for you.
  5. chiefmd

    Smoke in new car?

    How many of you all smoke in your new car or have done so? Just got a truck and haven't been brave enough to. I smoked all the time in my previous car.
  6. chiefmd

    Wine & Liquor PIF 2014

    Oke & Coke went above and beyond!! Can't wait to try this rum. Who wants some??
  7. chiefmd

    My new Air 281 Wineador

    That's what the instructions said :)
  8. chiefmd

    My new Air 281 Wineador

    Found this wineador locally. Great shape and drawers made by The only thing I am afraid of is filling this thing up haha. The only down side to this is that I don't have room for many boxes. If I had to I could make an inexpensive coolidor and keep this for my better sticks...
  9. chiefmd

    Wine & Liquor PIF 2014

    Yea or any other interesting liquor they have over there.
  10. chiefmd

    Today's Smoke 2016

    Warped Maestro del Tiempo. Damn good stick
  11. chiefmd

    Wine & Liquor PIF 2014

    I got you bro. Should be fun to see what they got in Hawaii
  12. chiefmd

    Big Smoke Las Vegas 2016

    Stu I hope you picked me up some of those favorite sticks of mine
  13. chiefmd

    In recognition of my 10,000 post

    Congrats shipmate