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  1. ltjackson

    Halloween Is Near!

    Hey everyone! I've been swamped with work as of late so I haven't been as active as I would have liked. Though any free time I've had I've been browsing!   Anyway on to the point, halloween is getting pretty close and I just figured I'd show off for a minute! I get a call from my beautiful...
  2. ltjackson

    Heartfelt Beads

    Good morning everyone!   I've recently placed an order for a new desktop humidor (200 count) and I've got a couple of questions. For all past humidors as they have been much smaller than this I've used humidity packets as they seemed easier. However I've really looked into beads for my new setup...
  3. ltjackson

    In the market, help!

    Good evening everyone, as the title says in in the market for a new humidor. So before I get all the "go as big as you can" responses here is my situation. I've had a small desktop humidor for a while now and it's served me well however we've recently remodeled our office and the other half...
  4. ltjackson

    Wine Enthusiasts Humi

    Morning! What do you guys think of this? There is one on craigslist for more than half off and I was thinking about converting it.
  5. ltjackson

    KCCO Black Lager

    Got a call from my local store this afternoon. They finally got my special order! Can't wait for these things to chill down!
  6. ltjackson

    It's late afternoon - (What do you enjoy while smoking?)

    It's late afternoon and you're enjoying some time off. A glass of your favorite beverage that's teeth shattering cold and your favorite smoke. Enjoying the beautiful weather in north Florida tonight with some family cooking dinner on the back deck. That's how I'm spending my Saturday afternoon...
  7. ltjackson

    Shipping Question ...

    Hey everyone quick question for you, I recently ordered a desktop humidor/sampler deal from Thompson cigar and I'm asking about the reliability. I ordered this last Sunday and the tracking they sent was a DHL number. From the order right now it's in Orlando ... I live in north Florida, this...
  8. ltjackson

    Deep Sea Excursion!

    A couple weekends ago some friends and I went out on the first of many charter trips we schedule every year. It was a gorgeous day and couldn't have asked for better company as a good friend with us got married yesterday. Thought I'd share some pics! And the night after!