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  1. atuck

    Major malfunction

    Last nite my humidor read 69% humidity. This morning it read 83% humidity. The humidifier is malfunctioning. It was not turning off. I unplugged the wires and ordered a new humidifier unit. The old one has lasted since 2006. This is the thing that sucks about having a walk in humidor. I have had...
  2. atuck

    Let me ask your opinion.

    I just found out my brother went and spent the weekend w my high school sweetheart of 5 yrs. is it wrong that I'm upset w the situation? He is a lowlife that I don't want associated w someone that I care about. I am very upset about this. What do you think? Let me know what your opinion is...
  3. atuck

    Who needs a Bomb?

    Since I want to prove my worthiness on this site so I have to ask. Who needs to be bombed? I have a nice package ready for the most reccomended brother!
  4. atuck

    I have an iPhone

    I just started to be able to post from my phone. I have a great cigar that I would like to do a review of but can't see a way to post pictures from the iPhone. Anybody have any advice?
  5. atuck

    Why do some of you guys have a problem with me?

    I have done nothing to any of you but try to return to this community.
  6. atuck

    Ozone generator

    Do any of you guys use an ozone generator to keep smoke smell out of your house?
  7. atuck


    All I had to choose from tonite was vodka and grapefruit juice. So it was greyhounds for me. Kinda had to start my cigar after I drank it. Cigars don't go that well with grapefruit juice!
  8. atuck


    I am not good at reviews anymore but I'm smoking this VSG and it is excellent! Can't pinpoint all of its complexity but its there. A very fine smoke that I'm never disappointed with! It is taking me to the land of relaxation! So I'm signing off!
  9. atuck

    The number one reason I smoke pipes

    I like old pipes and old tobacco! They give me a sense of history. Thinking of the past owners of my old Dunhills and what tobacco they must have smoked gives me great pleasure. My favorite pipe is a Dunhill from 1929. It smokes fantastically over and over. I have a number of vintage Dunhill...
  10. atuck

    Who smokes when you smoke?

    This may be a hot topic. Especially with me. But a lot of us smoke before we smoke if you know what I mean.
  11. atuck

    I can post more

    I have just figured out how to use my phone with this site so you can expect more posts form me.
  12. atuck

    Am I ever Blessed!

    I have been sitting here in my humidor. Just enjoying the ambiance. I have been looking corner to corner. Wow have I got a collection. Many good memories collecting it. Many regrets on the amount spent on such a collection. I have way more than I can smoke. Some I am so proud of that I may...
  13. atuck

    1940's Henry Clay

    I smoked a 1940's Henry Clay cigar this evening. It was tart and refreshing. A little simplistic on the palate but nice. It was a small cigar so it burned a little hot but as long as you smoke it nice and relaxed it was enjoyable. It had a nice historic appeal since it was such an old example of...
  14. atuck

    Is your pipe smoking Seasonal?

    I find that my pipe smoking is seasonal. I always gravitate toward my pipes every November or so. The "season" seems to last until Febuary, when I will reach for my cigars again. During the pipe seasons I tend to buy pipes and tobacco in excess. This year I kept it down to only about 7...
  15. atuck

    San Cristobal de La Habana

    I am getting tired of cigars like this. I have smoked a few of this line and liked them very much. Today I went to grab one of the Oficios and it was plugged, so I put it back. I then grabbed a Muralla, a little bigger than I wanted but I was in the mood for this flavor profile. The draw...
  16. atuck


    I bought some briar blocks on ebay. I decided to see how the various hand tools would work with the wood. This is my 1st attempt at making anything out of wood, except construction type wood. I think that this one came out pretty interesting. It is a little different to say the least. I...
  17. atuck


    Hey CP!! I may have been gone for a while but I've been smokin' the whole time. I've missed playing aroung here but have been overwhelmed w/ all kinds of shit since I saw you all in Vegas. I am SPEED HERF KING!! I swear, everyday, I tell myself that I am going to go to CP. Life has settled...
  18. atuck

    CgarDan the Man

    I bombed Dan here a while back and he has been sneakily trying to figure out a way to get me back. I'm sure he was wondering WTF do you get a guy that has a walk-in in his house? He came up w/ a plan anyway. I have seen these before and have wanted one and one just happened to get lodged in...
  19. atuck contact info. is owned by Rick Goodman. He also belongs to and claims to own a site called Ottawa Bartering: 1-800-317-7270 Rick claims to be the owner of the site. I signed up in order to get this info. I am going to cancel my credit card now. Another business he has...
  20. atuck

    Cigar Harley on Ebay

    I thought this would be cool to post here. I enjoyed looking at all the pics in the listing. Cigar Harley