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  1. britishfields

    Thank you! Winner of The Best of the Burg Contest!!

    Donella Fields - Founder Team International, Inc. Published by Donella Maciorowski Fields · 2 hrs · BEST BUSINESS RELATED SERVICE WINNER <3 <3 :-) Look what YOU did!! All of you on CP are incredible! I can not believe this has happened! Seriously, Thank you so much to all of you that took the...
  2. britishfields

    Don’t tell jfields!

    Jfields thinks I’m working.... and that I don’t like beer ?? oops! Cheers gentlemen!
  3. britishfields

    Workman's Comp-Ugh!

    If its not bad enough that your injured and can't work your full duties, your then penalized and lose all of your paid annual leave/vacation pay to make up any difference in your pay check while your out. When you return to work your unable to have a holiday because....you have no vacation time...
  4. britishfields

    Flying my Marine home :0)

    Hello Everyone, My hubbie, jfields suggested I post this question to all of you for your input! My brother is in the Marines, he is secretly flying home for Christmas (Yeah!) and I am trying to book his ticket. No one knows, this is going to be great! He will be flying home on Christmas Eve...
  5. britishfields

    Received My First Bomb...

    Now I know why John is always checking the mailbox! I received my first bomb today, It was great! The anticipation in opening the box was intense, I couldn't wait to see what was inside. I tell you what, I know what I'm going to be doing this w/e, providing this horrible sinus infection clears...