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  1. Rod

    Post your kid thread using account Secret Santa

    The Secret Santa account has been unlocked, and is ready for use.
  2. Rod

    Secret Santa Dates

    Last day to sign up is 11/29/19. Post kid thread by 12/8 Mail SS package by 12/15
  3. Rod

    Secret Santa Rules

    Please do not join SS unless you agree to the below rules. Thank you. Secret Santa is open to members that meet the following requirements: Secret Santa participants must be 21 years of age or older. Not currently prohibited from participating due to past difficulties with the Secret Santa...
  4. Rod

    Secret Santa Sign Up

    If you're interested in participating this year, please sign up here. Follow these directions carefully: Post here that you wish to sign up. PM thinde the following information: Your full name. Complete mailing address (where you want your SS to be shipped). Your telephone number. Final date...
  5. Rod

    Secret Santa 2019 - Who can help?

    It's that time again! Is anyone available to help run SS19 this year? If so, please PM me. thanks
  6. Rod

    The Haunting

    Anyone try it yet? Supposed to taste like a cigar in a pipe.
  7. Rod

    ASMR videos

    I just learned about this type of video tonight by accident. Kinda strange... Post your favorite ASMR. :D Let's see what you can dig up. I think we may need to ban Gary from seeing this thread...
  8. Rod


    Let me know if you see any problems with the forum. thanks
  9. Rod

    Lucky to be alive...

    Last week we visited my family in San Diego, as we do several times a year. Tuesday afternoon we decided to take a trip to Oceanside to walk around the pier, with my two little kids, wife and parents. We have a newer Toyota Sienna (has great safety ratings). Had the 3rd row seat up in the very...
  10. Rod

    Rock'n and Roll'n

    Another good shaker. Hopefully this doesn't activate the San Andreas!
  11. Rod

    Forum updated

    Let me know if you encounter any problems. thanks
  12. Rod

    Hydroponic gardening

    Anyone into hydroponics? I've done some DWC, but now that I'm building a new greenhouse I want to do NFT (nutrient film technique) inside the greenhouse. I've had great success with DWC, and was amazed not only how fast my plants grew but how healthy they were overall. Using NFT will allow me to...
  13. Rod

    I'm covered in chocolate sauce...

    Opened my front door this morning only to find an Amazon package sitting there. Upon opening, the box exploded chocolate sauce all over the place! Definitely my favorite brand of sauce which hard to come by in So Cal. @drunkfish3 Thanks for the friendly my friend! Will definitely enjoy the...
  14. Rod

    CigSid - Time for a banning!

    What's with this guy and his sneak attacks? I'm glad he's not the President, otherwise he'd be dropping nukes on everyone! Opened my front door and found a big box on my porch. I never even heard the mailman (woman) come to my door. I looked at the label and it said I was was the sender. Sneaky...
  15. Rod

    Blackhawks in Downtown LA

    Earlier this month blackhawk helicopters landed in downtown LA. Very interesting. While this is being called a "drill", I'm sure there's something more going on. Way too dangerous to perform a "drill" in downtown LA like this. You'll notice the soldiers are wearing bio-hazard suites. They first...
  16. Rod

    Stock picks

    Curious what you guys are investing in. Aside from crypto, I have ACB which has been performing very well. Also considering Microsoft as a long term investment. Any hot stock picks?
  17. Rod

    All assignments have been sent via PM

    Go ahead and start! :)
  18. Rod

    Dunhill getting out of the pipe tobacco business?

    What's going on... I took a break from pipes for about a year, and decided to get back into the hobby and I find out first McClelland shuts their doors and isn't willing to sell the company, and now Dunhill is getting out of the pipe and cigar business to focus on "luxury cigarettes". WTF??? No...
  19. Rod

    McClelland Tobacco going out of business?

    I just read online that McClelland has shut their doors after 40 years. I take this means no more Frog Morton and the likes? I don't understand why they didn't sell the brand to another tobacco company. Seems strange to just shut down. Too bad.
  20. Rod

    Just ordered an English sampler from Boswell Pipes

    I've been scouring the internet for suggestions around more full bodied pipe tobacco opposed to the traditional aromatics, so I decided to pick up a sampler pack from Boswell. I've tried their aromatics in the past and enjoyed them, so this will be my first time smoking English blend pipe...