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  1. g-smoke

    Vinotemp 12-bottle humidity

    Anyone else having trouble with the discount 12-bottle Vinotemps we all got off of Ebay a few months back? Mine refuses to hold humidity -- keeps dropping to insanely low levels and no amount of beads is helping (I've got 2 pounds in there already). I've plugged up the drainage hole as well...
  2. g-smoke

    Cigar friendly hotels in NYC

    So my lovely wife just told me that she wants to let me escape the travails of work and family life once a month so I can have time, space, and quiet to pursue my life dream of writing. Writer's retreat, I guess we could call it. I was thinking that the best and most efficient way to do this...
  3. g-smoke

    I think I'm done with Cigarbid

    I think this has come up before, but I thought I'd post my thoughts for posterity's sake, if anything. Tonight, I'm sitting in my backyard puffing on a DPG Blue Invicto that I bought from an online vendor. Not even sure if they're one who supports CP, but the price was competitive, they're in...
  4. g-smoke

    Series '68 Torpedos

    I'm in the midst of working on a Padilla Series '68 torpedo right now and found that after a frustrating first half, I'm enjoying it -- possibly a bit more than the robustos. Just wondering if there's anyone out there that has been smoking these regularly and have good/bad experiences. I got...
  5. g-smoke

    Double Coronas

    I'm definitely a neophyte on the ISOMs and have been trying to sample what I can. I got my hands on a sampler of double coronas recently and find myself extremely impressed with this vitola. Normally I'm a robusto smoker, with a healthy supply of lanceros that I enjoy. So far I have had a...
  6. g-smoke

    Cigar iPhone apps

    I was doing some browsing of the iPhone app store tonight and saw that the number of cigar related apps seems to be growing. Back in Nov/December when I first got my iPhone there was only one app that I saw called Tasting Notes that had fields for rating cigars. Now there are a few more...
  7. g-smoke

    Finally smoked my first Illusione

    Finally got around to smoking an Illusione after hearing so much about them -- a little 68 Bombone. I was a little concerned at first because I was getting no aroma from the stick before lighting. Not even a whiff of anything at the foot. But once I lit it up and starting smoking it didn't...
  8. g-smoke

    Anybody else see this?

    Unless it's me, I think some hapless bidder has unwittingly bid over $2,300 for a couple 5ers of Pete Johnson smokes. LINK ???
  9. g-smoke

    Review of Padron 3000 from 2004

    5-Year-Old Padron 3000 A couple months ago I bought a fiver of Padron 3ks from Vinnyvega that had about 5 years of age on them. What lies ahead is my humble attempt at a review. I apologize in advance for the crappy photo. I only had my iPhone handy... I'm sitting outside in my backyard...
  10. g-smoke

    Padilla Miami Robusto Deal

    Joe Cigar 10 for $39.99. Spoke too soon... All sold out. Sorry about that guys. edited to add my mistake.
  11. g-smoke

    Robusto vs. Toro

    Just a recent observation... Two smokes that I like very much are the Padilla 1932 and the Don Pepin Blue Label both in the robusto size (5 x 50). Last month I found good deals on both of these in the toro size (6 x 50) on cbid/joecigar and figured what the hell, it's the same ring gauge with...
  12. g-smoke

    Tkoepp You Da Man

    Tkoepp -- thanks for the nice little surprise in my mailbox. Ouch. Thank you, good sir. Keep your head down...
  13. g-smoke

    Laid a treasured pet to rest today

    I don't really delve too much into the personal on the board, but I know others have done it, and I think it's probably pretty therapeutic... So, forgive me for indulging. Just wanted to say R.I.P. to one of our family pets -- my wife's first cat Booka. She was a bit of a crusty old lady but my...
  14. g-smoke

    Does anyone NOT like Padron?

    Just curious if there are any CP botls that do not like Padron cigars. Seems like we all do, and my curiousity is getting the better of me... If you don't just curious what you don't like about Padron cigars? For my money, I think they are sublime smokes -- though the x000 series sometimes...
  15. g-smoke

    Anyone tasted Padilla Miami new blend?

    Did a quick search on this, but didn't come across a specific mention, so please excuse me if I am rehashing an old question. I'm down to the last 3 of a 10-pack of Padilla Miami lanceros I bought a couple months back and wondering if anyone has tasted the new blend, in any of the vitolas. If...
  16. g-smoke

    Looking for a Pepin virgin

    [In my best pimp daddy voice] I want to turn you into a Pepin whore. Seriously, though, I would probably never have been turned on to my favorite smokes if it weren't for the kindness of folks on here. Or it would have taken me a lot longer to take the plunge. I'd like to return the favor by...
  17. g-smoke

    If I ever see this, I might just quit

    This disgusted me enough that I had to share: "Tar and Cigars: A Match Made in Hell" on The Stogie Review website. Has anyone ever seen such an example of the La Brea tar pits oozing out of their cigar? I've never been nicotine sick, but I'm sure a sight like this would make me hurl if it...
  18. g-smoke

    Tatuaje Recommendation

    So far, I've smoked a handful of different Tatuajes and my favorite so far has been the Especiale. I thought I remembered reading something to the effect that these are more on the medium flavored side. Whatever they are, I really liked the flavor profile of this particular smoke. My question...
  19. g-smoke

    Padron Panatela

    I received a five pack of Padron Panatelas the other day and decided to try one last night. I don't see them mentioned too much so thought I'd post my quick impressions. They're long and skinny: a 38 RG and about 7 inches long. All that Padron flavor came through with a bit of a toasty bread...
  20. g-smoke

    Cabaiguan Guapo RX

    So, as some may have observed, I was very happy to receive a box of Cabaiguan Guapos RX today, and this was the first smoke I've purchased box of without actually smoking them before. Al from Puff n Stuff gave me such a good price that I decided to take a gamble on them. I'm puffing on one of...