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  1. Rod

    Post your kid thread using account Secret Santa

    The Secret Santa account has been unlocked, and is ready for use.
  2. Rod

    Happy Thanksgiving All

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  3. Rod

    Secret Santa Dates

    Last day to sign up is 11/29/19. Post kid thread by 12/8 Mail SS package by 12/15
  4. Rod

    Secret Santa Sign Up

    Hurry and sign up! All sign ups will close on 11/29/19.
  5. Rod

    1950 Monte #3

  6. Rod

    Secret Santa Rules

    Please do not join SS unless you agree to the below rules. Thank you. Secret Santa is open to members that meet the following requirements: Secret Santa participants must be 21 years of age or older. Not currently prohibited from participating due to past difficulties with the Secret Santa...
  7. Rod

    Secret Santa Sign Up

    If you're interested in participating this year, please sign up here. Follow these directions carefully: Post here that you wish to sign up. PM thinde the following information: Your full name. Complete mailing address (where you want your SS to be shipped). Your telephone number. Final date...
  8. Rod

    Secret Santa 2019 - Who can help?

    Tom - just PM'd you back. Thanks! :)
  9. Rod

    Secret Santa 2019 - Who can help?

    It's that time again! Is anyone available to help run SS19 this year? If so, please PM me. thanks
  10. Rod

    The Haunting

    Anyone try it yet? Supposed to taste like a cigar in a pipe.
  11. Rod

    It pays the bills..

    Yes sir.
  12. Rod

    It pays the bills..

  13. Rod

    It pays the bills..

    Speaking of viagra... I need to swing by and pick up another supply.
  14. Rod

    What’s in your pipe today? 2019

    I like it, however keep in mind my palate is not as defined for pipes as it is for cigars. Also, Drew Estate no longer makes pipe tobacco. I bought this tin a couple of years ago.
  15. Rod

    What’s in your pipe today? 2019

    Just smoked a bowl of this, rather delicious. Description: The sweet aroma makes you feel like you’re standing outside a bakery; notes of chocolate, vanilla and caramel blend harmoniously with mellow tobaccos. Brand Drew Estate Blended By Nicholas Mellilo Manufactured By Scandinavian...
  16. Rod

    ASMR videos

    I just learned about this type of video tonight by accident. Kinda strange... Post your favorite ASMR. :D Let's see what you can dig up. I think we may need to ban Gary from seeing this thread...
  17. Rod

    Caring, Sharing & Brotherhood

    Ed - happy to have you as a member of the community. :)
  18. Rod


    I'll bring chat back as long as you agree to be the mod. :D
  19. Rod


    Let me know if you see any problems with the forum. thanks
  20. Rod

    Lucky to be alive...

    Been driving for 25 years and first time something like this has happened. The road I was on is Highway 76 - think of a freeway with traffic lights every 1-2 miles. Another one of California's failures. The kid that hit me had to have been using his phone. The police, paramedics, tow truck...