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  1. Stogie367

    Goria Cubana Series N

    Cigars and More, Libertyville Illinois On Friday, March 25th Cigars and More will be celebrating Serie N Day featuring the Serie N cigar from La Gloria Cubana. As part of this event we will be connecting LIVE with Team La Gloria from El Credito Cigar Factory in Miami. There will also be...
  2. Stogie367

    HS 2 Humidifer

    HS-1 Electric Humidifier The size of the HS-1 is: 14 1/4" wide x 9" deep x 8 1/2" high The HS-1 Electric Humidifier is manufactured by The Humidor Store. This electric (active) humidifier was manufactured to...
  3. Stogie367

    Wine and Coolidors

    Wondering how many of you have used the following product(s) for your Humidors??? http://www.chasidorhumidors.com/ Has anyone ordered a shelf for their Humidor from them??? Any reviews??? http://heartfeltindustries.com/ Any review on their products (beads)? I too have converted a Wine...
  4. Stogie367

    Midwest Somke Out 2011

    Are any BOTL attending the 2011 Midwest Smoke Out at the Horseshoe Casino on April 7th, 2011???? Myself and several Animals, I call them friends, have made arrangements to hit the venues and looking forward to meeting any members from Wisc. Ill, and Ind, if you are attending...