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    Strongest cigars you have smoked

    Not to repeat what has been said but an empty stomach and the power ranger, with a small dram of Ardbeg. Went to bed and had to throw the kick stand (leg out on the floor) out while holding the night stand to slow the room down. have not done this pairing since, though they played well together.
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    ISO Jose Cuervo Anejo

    I do know of a store that has a bunch of these on the shelf, I had not picked them up due to the price increase. I believe he wants $55 plus tax. If you are intrerested feel free to PM me, Michigan stores can not ship but I can pick them up and would be willing to send them to you. Cheers! Tony
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    What's your best cigar this year?

    I don't smoke as often as I'd like, especially with the weather getting colder in the North. Last week we had a 50+ day with the Mrs and kids going for a gymnastics class, I thought it would be a good time to get into #4 of a blind ISOM sampler a friend had sent. At the time I smoked #4, I had...
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    Cigar Girl® for 11/30/10

    Nice find Ray! Looks very similar to my bath tub at home. :rolleyes:
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    2010 TAA Cigars

    Package arrived today! Thanks again Gabby! Cheers, Tony
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    What's Your Latest Purchase

    The 2007 Release of Journey to Chateau de la Fuente (includes the following) 2 - FF Opus X Scorpio 1 - FF Opus X Royal 8 1 - FF Opus X Forbidden X 4 - Opus X Perfecxion no. 5 ( 4 7/8 X 40) 4 - FF Opus X Belicoso XXX (4.63 x 49) 1 - FF Opus X Perfecxion no. 4 (5 1/8 X 43) 3 - FF Opus X...
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    Brampton Ontario 11-8th or 9th

    Thanks for the line up Mike! I will bring my own sticks for sure (was unaware of the smoking ban I'll see what I can come up with), as for wings, that may be an option. I was thinking of going to Zorro's steak and seafood house for their steak samitch! One of the best I've ever had. Never...
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    Brampton Ontario 11-8th or 9th

    Sorry for the late notice, I will be traveling to Brampton Ontario Monday morning the 8th and staying the night at the Holiday Inn. I did a search on members and it looks like there are a few in Ontario but not sure where. If anyone is in the area and would like to get together for a smoke...
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    2010 TAA Cigars

    Just placed an order for a couple of these. Looking forward to their arrival. Thanks for the added insight on this sampler, it truly helped me make up my mind on ordering or not. Tony
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    Top three!

    Let's see what I can come up with here. Single malts 1) Laphroaig 30 2) Ardbeg 1977 3) Laphroaig 10 (pre Fleur de lis 90 proof) Blends (not much experience here) 1) Johnnie Blue 2) Johnnie Green 3) Grant's (8yr old 86 proof in a 4/5 quart bottle) Bourbon 1) 2005 KY only George T Stagg 2) AH...
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    Give me Rye whiskey

    Charles, I will be at the sampler and look forward to this tasting rye event! Since I know what you look like, I'll just look for you! Regards, Tony
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    Michigan, Ohio & Indiana The RUSTBELT Herf

    Bump...Who's all coming?? I will be there Matt. Thanks, Tony
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    Michigan, Ohio & Indiana The RUSTBELT Herf

    Bump...I'm still in Matt! Blarney Stone will be a good time. Thank you for all you work on putting this together as I look forward to meeting you. Tony
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    Scotch for a bourbon lover?

    I'm a bourbon guy, or at least I think that's what I call it. I have over 70 open bourbons on the bar currently! My SMS opens on the bar would be Laphroaig 15 ( one of my favorites) which I get a little bit of fruity-ness up front as well as Glenfiddich 10yr which is quite mellow and very...
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    Michigan, Ohio & Indiana The RUSTBELT Herf

    I'm in with a couple friends in tow for whatever date you pick Matthew! The Blarney Stone would be fine, though Big Rock chop house in Birmingham is in the same neighborhood and they have a cigar bar up stairs called Got Rocks. Might check into that as well! Great food and drink as well. Tony
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    Michigan, Ohio & Indiana The RUSTBELT Herf

    Yeah the Ace Duce has Grizzly Peak, choice craft beers and I believe you can smoke there...It's a bar / resaurant. On the East side there is quite a bit, I believe we can smoke at Fish bones in St Clair Shores as well as Andiamo's (both are very close to one another. Gracie's Underground in...
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    Ok you guys Rock! I came home, only to find the humidor still at 75%!!! So I grabbed a small baby food jar filled it with 65% RH beads and hit them with the wifes hair drier. Glad she was not home yet, might have been made fun of. ... I left the Xikar gel pack out and just put the beads in...
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    Thanks Trey! I did read that thread and thought about posting my question there but had a fear of soap boxing on your corner. Patience? I better check out Wiki on this one! Not sure I know what that is either :laugh: ! My dad had a poster on the wall in our garage as a kid growing up with...
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    Thanks guys! I have removed the Xikar gel pack and will post if humidity has dropped when I get home tonight. Bruce and Skisomalia, thanks for the insight, I will dry the beads and place them in there in a dish or ramekin! Bruce you nailed it on the head! I have added 30 to 40 new sticks...