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  1. Flankers

    Cigar Pricing

    I was wondering where people get their pricing from for individual cigars? It's been a topic of debate between a friend of mine and myself. If i were to sell some of my CC's then i would value them at what Marty's site has them priced at each. However my friend tends to value them at what a...
  2. Flankers

    Super bowl snacks

    I drew the short stick this year and have to host a superbowl party for my friends who are animals. I need some good recipes for snacks for this event Wings, nachos, chili etc. Any help would be appreciated Thanks -A
  3. Flankers

    Dry Sticks

    I just purchased a humidor from a local here in town and he said there are a few stogies left in there, but i don't think they are going to be very well taken care of, so im guessing they may be a little dry, is there any way to get these back to a healthy level? any chance to save them? any...
  4. Flankers

    Humidor gel beads

    I recently noticed that my beads were looking dried out so I added some distilled water to the fill mark. But my humidor is now showing around 60% where it used to be 70%. Anything reason for this. Anything I can do to get it back up? -A