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    Need advice from Illinois Ebay sellers.

    I bought some tickets for Three Floyds Extravaganza and the guy i bought them from charged me taxes, i just read that there's a moratorium on taxes from online retailers until 2014 until the state figures out what the situation is. There are people from Illinois buying from people from other...
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    Lost package with UPS

    I sent out a package and have been getting the runaround since i dropped off the package, the manager at my local store is trainin g a new manager, even customer service is giving me no information. :angry: I dropped the package off on the 3rd of this month and the trace was started on the 11th...
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    Chicago to Cuba.

    I started the topic in the Cuban section if you're interested. :D After i i finished the topic i thought i'd put the reminder here so as more people can read it.
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    Chicago to Cuba.

    According to the Chicago Suntimes today, flights to Cuba will start this Friday. One flight leaves O'Hare airport Friday and a flight from Cuba the same day, and an extra flight will be added Jan. 9th regularly by C&T Airlines.C&T will be flying a Boeing 737-400 that accomadates 150...
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    Yam beer Check this out!
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    Three Floyds Brewing

    Three Floyds will be selling 2500 tickets tomorrow for their 15th anny, made from a mixture of Dark Lord, Surly and a Belgium ale which i am not familiar with but knowing Folyds i have to think it's going to be a top brand. All info will be on their website. Enjoy! :thumbs:
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    Feeling low today!

    Political hacks have taken over our local and have turned it into a private piggy bank. If the pension is affected by all this garbage the troubles the politicians think they have are small compared to the problems they will be experiencing soon. Robbing from the pension funds to enrich yourself...
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    Beer Master

    Duncan Britton ( The Valkerie ) finished his studies by attending school in Chicago at Great Lakes Brewing and then proceeded to go to Germany and studied there for a few months before coming home and is now an official Brew Master. He's presently relaxing before taking his next step, which i...
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    Branson Missouri

    I'm taking my family and going to visit the Midwest Capital of entertainment and i' m going to have to get away for a refreshment and a stogie. Anybody have a suggestion? Thanks for any help! :)
  10. S There's thirteen pages of beers from around the world. You might find something you like in there. Cheers!:thumbs:
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    Evil of Power
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    Dark Lord Stout allotment for 2011

    Three Floyds Brewery just announced that the allotment for this year will be four bottles per ticket. Almost isn't worth the effort. This will be my last year at the fest.:(
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    Massive craft beer sale at

    The sale will be all month long.:thumbs: Check it out!
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    Tobacco ban in Illinois

    The Illinois house passed a bill that would overturn the ban on smoking in Casinos, bars and restaurants because of the worsening of the economy and all the surrounding states that allow smoking in the very same establishments. State Senator Dan Burke says that since the imposition of the ban...
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    Dark Lord ticket

    If you have more tickets than you need or can't make the festival i'll buy your ticket or tickets and send you half of whatever we buy of Dark Lord Stout. I know this is a long shot but it's the only one i have left. All i have is my integrity and my friends who know me and have traded with me...
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    Dark Lord Day!

    This year DL will be on April 30th.:cool:
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    Holy Smokes Herf

    Come one come all! We're holding a herf at a church for all you Saints and Sinners, you know who you are. When: August 21st at 6:30 pm Where: St. Eulalia Church 1851 S. 9th Ave. Maywood, Il. 60153 John Conroy from Altadis will be attending and will be...
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    New vodka

    At first the idea for a bacon vodka seemed weird but after thinking about it i realized that a bloodymary would probably be very tasty. Maybe you might not think so, but it seems intriguing to me. What does CigarPass think? It's sold at
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    Happy birthday!

    Hope you're safe and enjoying your birthday while in the line of fire. Stay safe and hopefully we'll get together when you come back Jay! Smoke a habana over there!
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    Any East Coaster that can help a brother out PM me and we can make a deal. I've heard so much of this brew i just have to taste it. Thanks in advance!