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  1. ilcchef2

    Any NYC brothers need transport Saturday?

    I live in Croton on Hudson and would be more that happy to pick anyone up at the Croton Harmon train station and drive them the rest of the way up. There are trains leaving every hour (at least) to and from Grand Central up here. PM me if you are in need and we will make the arrangements.
  2. ilcchef2

    OK, I am starting the chant!

  3. ilcchef2

    Benefit Concert

    Last year a very good friend of mine Rochelle Gambino passed away at a very young age leaving behind a 15 year old son. Rochelle was an accomplished singer/songwritter who toured the entire country as Rochelle Rocks. On Saturday August 15th there will be a benefit concert to raise money for her...
  4. ilcchef2

    Super Bowl score...

    ...the score before the game starts!!!!!
  5. ilcchef2

    Got my Dir En Grey tickets!

    Oh yeah, Dir En Grey will be on an American tour this fall!!! Just bought my tickets for the Nov, 14 show in NYC. They are Japan's #1 rock band, if you can take a little blood and guts with your rock n' roll, I highly recommend catching them. A bunch of friends are all going down for the show...
  6. ilcchef2

    Not a dry eye in the house...

    Thomas Johnson's memorial was truely moving. His six children sang and read his songs and paid tribute to a man who obviously mentored them into fine young adults. God bless him and rest his soul.
  7. ilcchef2

    Lagunitas IPA

    India Pale Ale...WOW, what a punch to the palette!!! My first bottle of this but it sure won't be the last, goes great with a cigar!!!
  8. ilcchef2

    Ask a Cigarette Smoker...

    ...if they know what SCHIP is. I have asked 8-10 and not one knew about it. So I say, when you see a fellow smoker ask them, and if they don't know, educate them!!!! It really is amazing how few smokers know about this.
  9. ilcchef2

    Any of you Pepin Ho's...

    ...notice the "Little Havana Overruns" in the new Holts catalog? I'm no expert (maybe they're made by the Don, maybe not) but I got two bundles and at 2 bucks a pop I like 'em a lot!
  10. ilcchef2

    Jumping off the Pepin Bandwagon

    I read a lot of cigar boards, and propably the hottest topic in the past year have been all of the Don Pepin cigars. People raved about them and everyone grabbed them up as fast as they could. But recently Pepin has come out with many new lines and line extensions, and the reviews have been...
  11. ilcchef2

    JR's Herf in a Box

    Anybody recieve one of these yet who can tell us the contents?
  12. ilcchef2

    Dave...I'm gunna' smoke it!

    Hey Dave, I'm about to go out and smoke that AF Reverse Between the lines that you sent me!!!
  13. ilcchef2

    Congrats to Tom and Charlie....

    ....for organizing such a great event. The Quad State Herf was one to remember!!! Thank you guys. I just got home and have to tell you I had a wonderful time. Met a bunch of cool brothers, smoked some good cigars, had a nice meal, drank some beers, smoked some more cigars, had lots of laughs...