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  1. Yeahthatsme

    Has it Realy Been 6 Years?!

    I just noticed I missed my 6 year anniversary here by a bit over a month! I don't post or visit as much as I used to, but even still this forum and the people who inhabit it have made a large and lasting impression on my life. Thanks for letting me stick around this long!
  2. Yeahthatsme

    Jay's "Seven Days" Pass

    Alrighty guys, this will be the thread for the remainder of the pass. First and foremost, please review the Pass F.A.Q/Q&A thread for those of you new to passes or who may be a little rusty. As far as puts and takes go, I'd prefer to keep it pretty standard: 1 for 1 trades, Cuban for Cuban...
  3. Yeahthatsme

    Done With Finals!

    Time to celebrate!
  4. Yeahthatsme

    RIP Frank Buckles Ambulance driver in Europe during WWI, POW in WWII, lived to be 110. I can't even fathom the experiences he had. R.I.P.
  5. Yeahthatsme

    Despicable Me

    Definitely worth watching! Previewed it last night, and I have to say I was really impressed with their use of 3d. It had a bunch of good kiddy jokes with some more mature ones mixed in. If you need a family movie to go to this weekend, this is definitely it.
  6. Yeahthatsme

    Happy Birthday #2!

    Hope it's a great one!
  7. Yeahthatsme

    Holy Crap!

    Here I am nursing a hangover, wondering when I'll ever get to cleaning up after the party, and my house gets blown to pieces! You Minnesota guys sure know how to play the game! Excellent timing! I couldn't thank you guys enough! I'll definitely remember this one!
  8. Yeahthatsme

    I have a new hero!

    This dude is amazing!
  9. Yeahthatsme

    Clash of the Titans

    Watched the 3d last night. Was, in my opinion, terrible. If you're on the fence at all about seeing it, give it a pass. Terrible story, weak action scenes and bad acting.
  10. Yeahthatsme

    Hot Tub Time Machine

    Watched this Thursday night. Was really, really funny. Definitely another great rated R comedy. Not as good as the Hangover, but I'd think if you liked that flick you'd like this one. Best work by John Cusack I've seen in a very, very long time.
  11. Yeahthatsme

    Alice in Wonderland

    Just finished previewing Tim Burton's new flick. Was pretty awesome. The best use of 3d I've seen so far(including Avatar). Definitely a must see in 3d, though I'm sure the 2d would be well worth it if it's the only option!
  12. Yeahthatsme

    Shutter Island

    Previewed it last night after hours at the theater. Really good stuff, I was impressed. I won't go into the story to avoid spoilers, but if you like suspense/mystery movies then it's right up your alley.
  13. Yeahthatsme

    WTF TJ!

    I would just like to warn you guys, TJ is an unstoppable force! Thanks for the package man!
  14. Yeahthatsme

    Broken Pass Links

    The two links under the "Open Passes" forum lead to a 404 error(the pass/pass checklist links).
  15. Yeahthatsme

    Strange Issue

    So I was smoking at my local shop today, and decided to have a Shark. I lit it, most of the way, there was a small semi circle of leaf that wouldn't burn. I thought it would just even out so I went on smoking, noticing that the flavor was quite off. When I ashed the first and every subsequent...
  16. Yeahthatsme

    Transformers 2

    Was BADASS! Definitely go see it. Despite the butt cheek numbing 2 hour and 45 minute run time, it was great. Definitely the best Michael Bay flick to date.
  17. Yeahthatsme

    I'm moving!

    Well, not only is today my birthday, it's also move-out day. Leaving my apartment and moving into a house, with a bit of a disconnect in between where I'll be camping out in my parents' basement. Gonna pull my addy from my profile, I'll update it when I get all moved in. Thankfully in the house...
  18. Yeahthatsme

    Outlaw Fuente Event

    I know there's a huge CP group going to Padron in May, but is anybody going to be at Fuente? I plan on being there, Opus in hand.
  19. Yeahthatsme

    La Veritae

    So yesterday was the Outlaw Tatuaje event. I showed up early to get my hands on some of the goodies available, and was lucky enough to show up about 8 minutes before Pete Johnson. After he came in and got settled I had some time to chat with him, talking about his upcoming releases, and he hands...
  20. Yeahthatsme

    Memphis, Tennessee area smokers/shops?

    So I was just informed yesterday by my dear mother that I'm going to be attending a wedding in Memphis this coming weekend. The ceremony isn't until 6pm on Saturday, we're arriving friday night, so I have a bit of time to scope out a few shops and maybe meet up for a smoke if anybody is around.