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    Cuba low on fuel

    Since about August fuel for local consumption has been missing in most gas stations in Havana. Diesel especially, as it has been diverted for government machinery (use). So those guys that got suckered into putting pricey diesel engines into their 52 Chevys are sitting at home a lot lately. The...
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    ERDM La Reina

    Any info on these, size etc? Saw a write up on these in one of those UK sights without any specifics. Looks Lancero-ish but that's about it. Any help would be great. Thanks all, John
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    Need help from coin experts

    Yes, I know it's the wrong thread but here goes. I found a coin (actually my son found it) that I did not know it was that old that I have among my collection. Trying to determine where it is from, it is penny size, any ideas? My guess it is European maybe Denmark. Thanks all, John
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    Anyone been to Cancun lately?

    Hello all. Will be in Cancun for two days and was wondering if anyone had been there lately and if you have any restaurants to recommend. I have been there many times but its been 7-8 years since my last visit. We used to go to a restaurant called La Parilla in downtown. Any help would be...
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    World Famous Pipe Tobacco

    Hello all. Quite a few of you know me from the other forums. Not sure if this is the correct place for it, but thought I'd let you know that I have some leaf that could be used for the pipe. It is all cut up bits and pieces from cigars either from the World Famous format or from La Corona...
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    Commercial Flights and all to the island

    Most of you know that auxiliary cities are being served by US airlines for commercial flights to Cuba. Havana still has yet to be determined. There was some news this week, most charter companies that were serving Cuba will stop operation 10/29/16. Of the 8, two will remain. Who the players are...
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    P-109's and all (this weeks usual suspects)

    LC L to R: P-109's, Sublime, Cazador, Colonials, Flying Pigs
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    Whatever happened to Dark Lord Day?

    Did anyone go this year? Did a search and couldn't find any thread on it or pics. John
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    Rolling Stones free concert

    Mick and the boys are having a free concert March 25 at Ciudad Deportiva Stadium (A sports complex in Havana). Now you have no excuse not to go, it will be a mess to get in there. See you there! John
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    Coolerdoor question

    Hello all, hope you are enjoying the long weekend. I am looking to put together another coolerdoor but have some questions. What Coolers have you recently purchased that are working out well? The reason why I ask is back in the day it used to be said that Igloo's had the better seal...
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    Any Toyota 4X4 Diesel help in the UK?

    Hello all. Looking to get some help on some Toyota 4X4 Diesel's in England. You don't have to be an expert just have a general knowledge. If you have some time email me at: Thanks all, John
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    Just get on the plane and go!

    The Miami Herald outlined some new rules that go into affect tomorrow. Most of you should be able to get on the plane no questions asked. Can somebody do the linky-thingy? John
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    ISO old coin expert

    Hello all. Hope the Holidays are treating everyone well. Certainly a lot of good football going on and coming up. I am ISO someone that can tell me if some coins I am looking at have any value. Can anyone help? Thanks all, John
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    Obama to speak today 12 noon on Cuba policy

    With the release of Alan Gross today, Obama will speak today 12 noon on policy in Cuba. CNN is broadcasting bits and pieces at the moment. John
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    On my way to the Havana Libre....

    Went islandside over the weekend. Made my usual rounds to see whats new. As I entered the Havana Libre I notice that the house roller is not there (the rollers table is just outside the LCDH in the main lobby). I look around, pick up a few knick-knacks but then notice the roller is in the back...
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    The Poor Man's Min Ron Nee...2nd Edition

    $5000 is a lot for a book(s). The bad news is there will be no cheaper versions later, no digital version either. Besides...even if you had the $$$ to make it rain on this elusive project, who says you're getting on the list? I have a solution for you:   The World of the Habano (ISBN...
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    CUC on its way out

    It is now official, the CUC/Convertible Peso will be eliminated April 1. If you are holding any after that date they are worthless. The Cuban Peso will be the official currency after that date. John
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    CUC to be eliminated

    The government of Cuba just announced that it wil be eliminating the CUC/Convertible Peso/Chavito. The Miami Herald stated they said it will be a process, but no details. has no info posted. John
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    Fidel up to his old tricks

    Read in the Miami Herald today that a North Korean ship is being held in Panama for some missiles buried under some bags of sugar. The missiles came from Cuba (not sure who manufactured them), I guess now Cuba won't be getting removed from the terrorist list. If anybody wants to do the linky...