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  1. CgarDan

    Cigar Art

    Something you gun lovers will appreciate
  2. CgarDan

    Happy bday jfields

    Happy bday buddy. Smoke a special one !!!
  3. CgarDan

    Cigar Federation Sale

    Not sure if this the correct place for this thread but either way Cigar Federation is having a sitewide sale 20% off everything even discounted stuff. Code Fall20. I was very surprised to see even Padron 64 and 26 on this deal usually they never allow sale on these
  4. CgarDan

    Don’t ever trade with Smellysell !!

    That is of course if you din’t Care about your mailbox being blown up!! I am lost for words. Believe me Justin return fire will come when you least expect it ;) 😈
  5. CgarDan

    NYC HERF anyone?

    As the summer is winding up and school is about to start for kids and those who are in school themselves, is anyone interested in a HERF somewhere in NYC? I can set something up in a nice lounge in Brooklyn but any other venue would be great as well !!
  6. CgarDan

    Johnny-O Novedosos

    Had the Johnny-O Novedosos yesterday Obviously the cigar is very fresh as the official release is yet to come but it smoked like a real winner I am not a sommelier by any means so I can not discern particular taste notes ( vanilla bean, chocolate, molasses etc ). So my review will be a much...
  7. CgarDan

    Rh for storing vs ready to smoke

    I have been reading up on the RH particularly the one that’s best for long term storage vs the one for on the go ready to grab cigars. For full disclosure the info I gathered is from this board as well as others and general google searches To my understanding for long term storage 69rh is...
  8. CgarDan

    Sorry i was MIA for too long

    Sorry I was away for so long. Work, family and other commitments kept me really busy for the past year. Also the fact that I was traveling every week for work staying in weird remote places did not help either. Good news is I am now employed with another company and will be in NY/NJ area most...
  9. CgarDan

    Cigar Lounge in St.Louis MO ?

    Anyone know of a cigar lounge in St. Louis MO. I can't find a place that is open after 6 or 7 pm that has a lounge. And since I am stuck in St. Louis for a 9 month project that is starting to piss me off :angry: HELP !!!!!!! ??? ???
  10. CgarDan

    Atlanta get together ?

    Just landed a new job 2 weeks ago that will have me working in Atlanta Mon - Thur for the next 3 months. Anyone want to get together for some smokes ? I am staying at The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North. Tuesday or Wednesday nights after 7 would work best for me but Monday would also work...
  11. CgarDan

    Cigar Lounge Question

    Anyone know of a cigar lounge in Staten Island NY or not far from Edison NJ that is open for MOnday NIght Football. A friends wants to meet up but most places close early. Any help would be great !!! Thanks
  12. CgarDan

    Traveling through MD and VA this week

    Hey guys, I will be traveling through MD and VA this week. Monday night staying at the Cortland Yard Marriott in Annapolis Junction MD. Wed night will be somewhere close to Winchester VA not sure yet where I am staying on Tuesday night. Will post later. But for now if anyone is interested...
  13. CgarDan

    Mederos Cigars

    One of the new cigars that was showcased at the IPCPR was Mederos I got a chance to stop by their booth and speak with David Levy. The cigars have a great presintation when it comes to both the packaging and the actual cigar. Really loved the look of the band as well. Just smoked the torpedo...
  14. CgarDan

    Boston Herf anyone?

    I will be traveling on business this week and will be in Boston on the evening of Wednesday the 29th staying at Hyatt Regency on Lafayette Ave. If any of the Boston BOTLS are up for a smoke please let me know. Also any info that you can share on cigar lounges in the area would be much...
  15. CgarDan

    Summer BBQ and FUN HERF

    I think this might be an awesome all day HERF with lots of fun things to do. Date: Saturday July 25th. Time: 12 PM till you are all smoked out <img src="<#EMO_DIR#>/blush.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=" :blush: " border="0"...
  16. CgarDan

    West Coast Invasion

    I am going to be in Santa Monica in a week and will have some free time in he evening on May 5th to meet up with the West coast BOTLS I will be staying somewhere in Santa Monica Hope to see the LA crew :thumbs:
  17. CgarDan

    HERFs and Charities

    This is just my opinion and I hope that some of you can chime in and say what you think about it. In general I feel that a HERf should not have a charity contribution as a pre-requesite to attend. I myself contribute a lot to different charities throughout the year so the money aspect has...
  18. CgarDan

    Pretty cool event in NYC

    Just wanted to let people know about it. This will be pretty damn cool :thumbs: Here is the website for some previews
  19. CgarDan

    Zino Platinum + Tommy Bahama Rum HERF + Surprise

    Tommy Bahama will be hosting along the side of Davidoff of Geneva, their first ever Cigar & RUM Tasting event on Long Island at Matador Cigars. I personally visited this lounge multiple times and have to say it was always a first class experience. This will take place on Friday, December 5th...
  20. CgarDan


    We are having a very cool event on Dec 3rd in NYC. I think this will be a great opportunity for those who are hip hop fans. If you are seriously interested in attending PM me and I iwll get you on the guest list