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  1. SurfnSafari

    Mail Order/On-Line sale in jeopardy?

    first off I sometimes use the term mail order instead of online, as it was the preasessor of online, and I still get a few paper catalogues. Any way was at a local B & M that is near my VA Hospital, and it has been my stopping point before making the finals 10 minutes drive to VA, and looking...
  2. SurfnSafari

    From Half-Wheel this am. Thursday Nicagraga Strike Cigar Strike
  3. SurfnSafari

    Friend e-mailed me these cool Cigar Pen Photos

    Friend is a member of IPT (International Pen Turners), one of the other member does these Faux Cigar Pens. Artists is very talented IMHO.
  4. SurfnSafari

    Cigar Repair Glue - Fixes problems

    Well several months ago I got this tiny bottle of some Cigar "Super Dooper" Repair Glue, this is not the typical D.Y.I. Fix - it stuff. It was apprently invented by the same Cigar lover, who came up with the PerfecDraw Cigar Tool, it called PerfecRepair. It is different than the othe stuff on...
  5. SurfnSafari

    15% off everything until 28th. At Midnight

    Anyway just got the e-mail from Neptune Cigar in Miami 15% off everything, until Midnight Monday, free shipping over $99.00. Reason I am posting you can buy anything in stock, as there is not a long list of excluded items. Code is on JPEG below. FYI Happy hunting.
  6. SurfnSafari

    Don Pepin Garcia 15th. Anniversary. Anyone hoping to get some?

    Had got a E-mails alerts this week this limit run Cigar is available for sale, party "A" decided to boost the price $10.00/stick, and I laughed. The other Online Retailer is selling single & boxes MSRP. Not sure if anyone else is a fan of My Father's Cigars, but this Cigar I expect will be...
  7. SurfnSafari

    Any NHL Hockey Fans here?

    Wonder what the chances to Las Vegas - Golden Knights bringing home the Stanley Cup to the desert. I am not a huge NHL fan, but it's interesting that this first year team seems to be playing better then lucky, and are only a few wins away from playing for the Stanley Club maybe.
  8. SurfnSafari

    Anyone like Oliva-Melanio this much? Fourth-Eight Perecnt Off?

    Any way got this notification in my in box today, it is IMHO a very good deal. I have had experience with the B & M, who also does an on-line thing. Thought it was a smoking deal I would share...
  9. SurfnSafari

    Finally something that fixes Cigar Draw problems

    Lsst year I was net surfing when I stumbled on this little invention, it was pricy at almost $40.00, being frugal, having another brand of draw tool that kind of worked, plus a DYI invention that kind of worked I did not spend the almost $40.00. After the first of 2018 I returned to the...