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    WTF?! Seriously.. WTf?!

    What's with you people?! I left for a few weeks because I got sick of all the $%@% going on here.. I come back to see it's actually gotten worse. I expect this BS from some people, but now it seems everyone is getting into it.. even some of the most respected members on this board. There are...
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    Lets kick off this forum.. I like to drink Port with a cigar. My current favorite is Fonseca Guimaraens 1998 vintage. Anyone else?
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    Happy Birthday dixieland!

    BO you youngin! Only one more year and you can rent a car. :p Have a great birthday. :thumbs:
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    Friend of yours Bill?

    NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (AP) -- Former Gov. John G. Rowland, driven from office by a corruption scandal, pleaded guilty Thursday to one federal charge. :0 :whistling:
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    What's your New Years smoke?

    In a discussion with a certain member earlier today this topic came up. (I won't name names, but he has way more Opus than you do). I'm thinking I might break out one of my Hemingway SG Classics for midnght. Anyone else got something special in mind?
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    wheres that f'ing other1?!

    I know several people are waiting on several things from me, including the two passes I'm currently holding. I'm really sorry. I've been very ill since last week and almost ended up in the hospital this weekend. Well, I'm happy to say I'm feeling quite a bit better.. I finally went back to work...
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    Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

    WOW. I tried this beer for the first time this weekend. Went to a bar that has an absurd number of beers on tap and the bartender suggested it. Man does it pack a punch, 18 proof. AFter handing me the glass (without mentioning how strong it was) the bartender told me I shouldn't drink it fast...
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    Two Plus Two

    Equals four. Also, I like cake.
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    End of Discussion

    Rod - I wish you had just PMed me. I respect your right to decide what is and isn't appropriate for posting. I honestly didn't think my post was controversial and it wasn't intended to start any arguments or anything. Matter closed. blair - I only posted because I got no explanation as I said...
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    Why was my post deleted?

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    Whatcha gonna smoke tomorrow?

    Lets keep this non partisan and friendly... I think our recent experiment has shown lots of us are interested in politics. I suspect lots of us will be glued to the TV tomorrow night watching the returns. So, whatcha gonna smoke? I think I'll break out a Cohiba DC EL. Could be a long night. :)
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    Somethings brewing...

    I've been looking for an excuse to do a pass for a while. Well, I got a raise on friday! (About f'ing time) The celebratory box pass is now officially in the planning stages. What will be in it? I don't know. When will it start? I don't know. What are the rules? I don't know. Now stop...
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    A prayer for the Red Sox

    Our Papi, Who art in Fenway Hallowed by thy team. Thou kicketh ass, On Yankee grass, And at home, as you did in the Bronx. Give us this year our shiny rings, And forgive us our talk of curses, As we forgive those who talk of curses against us. And lead us not into extra innings, But deliver us...
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    Stealth Contest

    I'm starting a contest. Multiple contests really. The winners will each receive a nice selection of random sticks from my coolers. Here is the catch.. I'm not going to tell you what the contests are. :0 I will announce the winners, and what the contests were, when they have been won. So...
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    I might be headed to Montreal next weekend. I know Canadian prices are absurd, but any good shops to check out there? I know there is a La Casa del Habano. Anyone been? Do they have a roller like Tijuana does?
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    Dirty Sue

    Anyone ever hera of this stuff? It's dirty martini mix (basically the brine that olives are stored in). I love dirty martini's and its a pain to make them taking the brine from jar of olives. I've got to get a bottle of this stuff...
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    Which thread will get locked first?

    Can ya all feel the love?
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    FFOX Petite Lancero

    I haven't smoked an Opus for a while. I don't not like them, but I've never held them in as high regard as a lot of people do... Anyway, tonight I decided to light up a Petite Lancero. Its probably the best Opus I've ever had. I think this one has some age on it, but I can't remember just how...
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    JD watered down

    It seems Jack Daniels, whose ads usually center around the theme of the recipe not having changed for ever, have watered down their whiskey..
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    I hate the USPS

    I bid on, and won, a 5er of Hemingway Classic Sungrowns from the CFCF auction. According to the DC# my package was delivered saturday. I didn't get it. Its not anywhere in the mailroom at my aparment building. It wasn't logged as even having been delivered. I checked with the shipper and it was...