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  1. ATASH

    No Pipe restore-modification thread?

    I agree with you Sid.Stavros
  2. ATASH

    Now Playing....(Movies and Reviews)

    Saw the new Aladdin with my daughter this weekend and was well entertained. It was well done. Not sure I would have picked it but would now see it again.
  3. ATASH

    Best way to Seal a wood play structure

    Agreed on the stain roller and nap length!!
  4. ATASH

    Best way to Seal a wood play structure

    Tried many sprayers over the years keep going back to rollers and brushes. Using more rollers now and using the small 2-3" rollers where i would normally use a brush.
  5. ATASH

    EAS (End of Active Service) Day

    Congrats to the entire family and a huge THANK YOU for their service!!!
  6. ATASH

    Don't they Teach History Anymore?

    My father drives one of the Eisenhower Tour Buses at Gettysburg and he is always talking about young people, especially from the west coast who report not being taught the Civil War. One person actually told him that his teacher said it was not in the curriculum because it was not relevant to...
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    Happy Birthday Grateful1

    Happy Birthday Gary
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    A Little Help From My Friends

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  9. ATASH

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2019)

    Miller High Life, Baby!!! The Champagne of Beers!!!
  10. ATASH

    A Little Help From My Friends

    Done x 2 GOOD LUCK!!!
  11. ATASH

    Today’s Smoke 2019

    AF Gran Reserva Flora Fina 8-5-8 Maduro - An old faithful smoke for years
  12. ATASH

    Today’s Smoke 2019

    These are indeed good smokes! Definitely on the next smoke shop run!
  13. ATASH

    Now Playing....(Movies and Reviews)

    Daughter and friends saw it yesterday and loved it. Not sure when I'm gonna see it though. Time and $$$. Might be an on demand viewing.
  14. ATASH

    Colateral Damage

    Came home last night and someone took out my wife and kids! The house was empty (highly unusual) and I found a smoking bomb setting on the shelf by the front door. And, for a moment I stood in horror thinking ... "Did Santa just bomb us!?!?!" This being because the markings were that of the...
  15. ATASH

    A Little Help From My Friends

    A double this morning to make up for a missed day! Good luck!
  16. ATASH

    Today’s Smoke 2019

    Great day, great smoke, great drink, who could ask for more! Almost burnt my fingers on this one! I cannot believe I have not tried R&J cigars sooner!?!?!? Can't wait to explore more of their line.
  17. ATASH

    Grandpa (again)

  18. ATASH

    Is it Easter yet?

    o_O Holy Easter Egg Hunt Batman!!!