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  1. WoadyCypress

    Johnny O: EL Robusto

    I typically don't write reviews because I feel my palate is not the most refine. However this was one of the smoothest, fresh smokes I have had! Rolled on 1/28/18 and smoked less than a month later, on 2/16/18. Upon lighting the EL Robusto I get a nice helping of what I think of as Cohiba...
  2. WoadyCypress

    Fridge and Wine cooler Guide

    Great write up! I am thinking of going down the New Air road myself. I have a question though. If I do use the individual cedar box method would I need to humidity the entire cooler or just the individual boxes? I was thinking of getting 1 cedar shelve and one cedar drawer but the individual...
  3. WoadyCypress

    What do you think of this electronic humidor?

    What part of Texas are you from. I've heard good and bad things about the TE controlled units (more good than bad). I'm in Cypress (nw of Houston) and looking for good feedback on these.
  4. WoadyCypress

    What do you think of this electronic humidor?

    Looking to get a new air wine cooler in the next couple of weeks. Who is forest? Sorry but I'm new here. Lol. Nevermind he's from wineador! Been looking at them for a while. That's probably where I'm getting my drawers and shelves.