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  1. lherzolite

    Need to Rant

    Our dishwasher went on the fritz today which in and of itself is annoying, but its seven years old and sh$t happens. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the circuit board for the control panel is messed up in some way - $120-$200 for the new circuit board depending on whether I buy it...
  2. lherzolite

    Index Page for Reviews in this Forum

    Below is a link for an index page for the cigar reviews in this forum. The page works best in firefox or safari. Hopefully its pretty self explanatory, but there's a help/info icon at top right which will display some blurbs about using it. Some of the features are unfortunately disabled for...
  3. lherzolite

    Winter Solstice Contest

    I really dislike winter. Its not so much the cold and rain, but the short days really get me down (yeah I know its nothing like you all up further north have). And so even though this Sunday marks the beginning of winter, its also the shortest day of the year, and I always look forward to it...
  4. lherzolite

    twists of the new hobby

    Its cool how this new hobby takes unexpected turns leading down unexpected roads. Jerry at stogie review, aka torpedo head :cool: , frequently uses Oui Parle Francais by Compay Segundo as the intro music to his reviews which lead me to picking up a couple of CDs. Thanks for turning me on to his...
  5. lherzolite

    smoking perfectos or torpedos

    I got a question about smoking/cutting perfecto or torpedo vitolas. Whenever I smoke one of these, the draw always seems to suck. And when I cut more of the head to get a more favorable draw, the damn thing always seems to unravel. I've tried doing angle cuts, but have the same problems. I...