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    Is 52 to 55 degrees too low?

    75% humidity is too high. Typically you should be shooting for something between 62 and 67 or so. I would suggest removing the trey of water, and after it comes to some sort of equilibrium, you should be able to bring the temp up. And to answer your initial question, there is nothing wrong...
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    Happy birthday Drunkfish3

    Hope you have a great day!
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    Computer Software/Engineer Question

    Haven't used it or Google Sheets, but perhaps this could be a workaround?
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    Black Label Trading Co./Bishops Blend
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    Thursday Killer Beans Special!

    Much appreciated - Thank you!
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    Thursday Killer Beans Special!

    Hey Larry, Would you mind sharing your 'recipe' (e.g. how much grounds/water, time etc...). I've been wanting to try cold brewing, and your comment has inspired me :).
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    Fancy Labels Heavy metals?

    I would be more worried about pesticide chemicals in the tobacco.  The vaporization temp of gold is 2600C (nothing to worry about if it is gold).  The only metal I can think of with a low enough vaporization temp is mercury (and possibly zinc, but thats a stretch).  If you worried about either...
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    Cigar recommendation engine

    I would check out the site to see if it works as advertised  However, without a free trial period (with no credit card registration) its not going to happen  .  I did see that the site offers you money back if not satisfied.  No thanks - its not the same as a free trial period.   But anyway...
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    Do you crack...

    I'll open them for inspection.  Several years ago I bought a box where the sticks were almost completely covered with mold.  Although this has happened only once, it just seems prudent to inspect a box when it arrives.
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    Jan Cp split

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    Very interesting news

    An AP article I just read about this had an interesting quote:   "Among the expected changes as a result of the improvement in U.S.-Cuba relations is that licensed American travelers to Cuba will now be able to return to the U.S. with $400 in Cuban goods, including tobacco and alcohol products...
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