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  1. pulse746

    What's Your Latest Purchase? 2017

    2012 Tatuaje Mummy in a small shop in Kansas. They had a full box and were selling singles at 12 bucks a piece. Quite the find.
  2. pulse746

    Oliva serie v melanio robusto

    This is one of my favorites. Hope you have a more exciting experience with it in the future!
  3. pulse746

    My placebo effect

    Someone check this man's freezer ASAP.
  4. pulse746

    Maybe the second time will be the charm... new legislation to keep the FDA out of our cigars.

    One of the best industry-pro excerpts I have read on the topic, courtesy of our friends at Halfwheel: "Once FDA announces the cost of applications for substantial equivalence, we will have a much better grasp of what this means for the cigar industry going forward. The craft beer industry is...
  5. pulse746

    Maybe the second time will be the charm... new legislation to keep the FDA out of our cigars.

    It will all depend on how long the "testing" takes, the cost of the testing (something that has not yet been established), and what this testing actually entails. Once we have this information we will have a better idea of the industry going forward. I could see brands with sharp management...
  6. pulse746

    Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No.2

    Stay Tuned!
  7. pulse746

    Drawers in my wineador and boveda?

    In my Whynter Wineador I have been running a box of 65% Bovedas as well as Heartfelt 65% beads. My humidor will always be reading a constant 64-65%. I have not noticed any negative affects of using both in unison.
  8. pulse746


    Just got the most incredible surprise bomb from CigSid. Can't wait to burn these babies. Thank you so much Bill!!!
  9. pulse746

    Boston cigar and wine shops

    Being an RI guy myself you can't beat pastiche, although as noted it's super tiny. It's to bad the hill isn't what it used to be...
  10. pulse746

    Shipyard smashed pumpkin

    Smashed pumpkin is hands down my favorite fall beer.
  11. pulse746

    Cello or no cello? Real or Fake?

    I think it's plumold, a combination of mold and plume, caused by extreme aging in a humid environment. Very illusive. Contrary to popular belief I feel mold imparts a wonderful spice character in tobacco. That combined with plume is pure heaven. Just my two cents.
  12. pulse746

    Anejo vs Opus X

    I do love the crazy opus sizes, I have a LBMF that I'm tempted to throw at a dart board.
  13. pulse746

    Vegas Robaina Fake or Real?

    Cubans are overrated, North Korea is making some amazing blends right now that will blow your doors off.
  14. pulse746

    Anejo vs Opus X

    Having a love affair today then I'll let you know my opinion, as it stands now I love the anejo more. Just like sweetness in cigars I guess.
  15. pulse746

    Help on Illisione

    Epernay blew me away after a few months in the humi.
  16. pulse746

    Future of Pipes and Cigars?

    I'm probably right in that 18-25 age bracket they are targeting. As a cigar smoker I have no interest at all in a vaporizer. Natural well aged tobacco is much more appealing than some juice concoction made in a laboratory.
  17. pulse746

    Today's Smoke 2015

    I didn't know oliva had an R series in their lineup.
  18. pulse746

    Weather affecting cigars

    Yes O&C that is exactly what I'm asking. Nothing to do with humidor conditions.
  19. pulse746

    Weather affecting cigars

    My cigars lately have all been turning soggy and bitter, wrappers aren't burning etc. I keep my wineador at 67 and have a humidor at 62 where I keep the weeks smokes. It has been very humid however in RI. Can this outside humidity be affecting the cigar as I smoke?
  20. pulse746

    Aging Cigars

    sorry for not clarifying, it had about one year on it. Not close to an original release at all.