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  1. pulse746


    Just got the most incredible surprise bomb from CigSid. Can't wait to burn these babies. Thank you so much Bill!!!
  2. pulse746

    Weather affecting cigars

    My cigars lately have all been turning soggy and bitter, wrappers aren't burning etc. I keep my wineador at 67 and have a humidor at 62 where I keep the weeks smokes. It has been very humid however in RI. Can this outside humidity be affecting the cigar as I smoke?
  3. pulse746

    Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No.2

    Here is my first attempt at reviewing a cigar.   Inital Impressions:   The HDM band is by far my favorite band, I love the way it looks, just simple and awesome.   This is the first HDM no.2 I have ever had and it has been sitting in my humidor for just over a year. The first thing I noticed was...
  4. pulse746

    Favorite Boveda RH

    For those running Boveda what do you feel is the ideal RH level. I've been running the 72% for about 3 months but my cigars are too moist for my liking. Just switched to the 69 to bring the moisture down.
  5. pulse746

    Wish me luck

    Just got a new Salvador humi in the mail. Perfect size for me and looks beautiful. Let's just hope it holds humidity!!!
  6. pulse746

    Fathers Day

    Father's Day is right around the corner and it has had me thinking. There is really no better way to enjoy a cigar than with my dad, talking business, school, and life in general. How many of you guys have fond memories of the same thing? And do current fathers enjoy smoking with their...
  7. pulse746

    What music are you listening to currently?

    Lately I have been on a Dio kick, love rainbow and his work with Black Sabbath (Heaven and Hell). I was curious if anyone else here likes old school rock music or any specific genre.
  8. pulse746

    Vertical Display Humidor

    I am in the market for a new humidor due to running out of space. I won a nice savoy desktop humi at a golf tournament but it only holds about 50 cigars, and my other 50 count desktop is filled as well. I would really like a display humidor such as the vertical display  that is very popular on a...
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    How long to age Trinidad Reyes

    I was lucky enough to get my hands on a box of Trinidad Reyes, one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. It's a young box though with a date of May 2014. For the Trinidad smokers out there, how long should I age these before I start to smoke them? I know the general consensus is that these need...
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    Online retailer sent me the same order twice

    Hi guys,   So an odd situation just occurred, I placed an online order with a well known cigar retailer and received the order in the mail twice while obviously only being charged for one. I plan on returning the extra order for karma's sake but was wondering if anyone on here was ever in a...
  11. pulse746

    A question for the smoking golfers out there

    Hey guys,   What is your preferred cigar when playing a round of golf ? I love a cigar that I don't need to really think deeply about when focusing on my golf game. Ill always bring an avo or griffins churchill to the course with me. Mellow and sweet.
  12. pulse746

    Real Or Fake Magum 46

    Hey Guys,   Im new to cuban cigars and purchased my first 3 pack of magnum 46 tubos, I was wondering if the two seals on the box look accurate. They look a little different from other pictures I havse seen, specifically the fact that the green cuban seal on the left had rounded edges and not...