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    96 Cohiba lancero at Casa

    it doesn’t suck.
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    Hey Gary....

    Congrats on the engagement!  Now, when is the bachelor party (I know this midget stripper with a pet chicken.....)?
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    El Segundo and NYC (try 2 after last thread gone)

    So.... in NYC 2/3-2/6 and El Segundo/Manhattan Beach on/off for the next couple of months.  Lets party
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    Still haven't learned pass (lets go)

    Lets see who still remembers their logins...   Let me know who is in, I will update shortly with those I have already heard from (except Gary, who is playing by default and maybe Roger just because it would be funny to railroad him).  For now lets assume this is for invitees and known...
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    Happy bday Elittle!

    Happy bday E, hopefully no felonies or Mexican donkey show for you today!
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    Passing through Vegas 5/29

    Just for the night if anyone wants to smoke
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    Vegas fun time 2013

    Will be in town from the 3st to Monday Feb whatever. if anyone is in town or bored with extra miles, let's get a herf going and celebrate the life of our friend Joe.
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    Happy bday Bill (CBD)!

    Happy bday Bill! We haven't seen much of you since the whole Croatia thing but I hope you are doing well and find time to enjoy a good smoke for your big 5-0!
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    Happy birthday Robbie (xor)

    Happy bday Bob, I hope you have a wonderful day despite all that you are going through right now. Prayers sent
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    1986 SLR Prominente

    It was good.
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    Vegas 7/5-7/9

    Heading in for some fun, anyone around?
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    Ok now it is going too far

    Seriously wtf is this madness? Keep in mind that is a hemi masterpiece leaned up against this thing. The top is filled with foam and there is something rock hard embedded a few inches deep in what is surely several feet of foam..
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    wtf is this

    Again? And with foam this time? You noobs have no idea what you are getting into... more to come....
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    Carpet bombing!

    FU noobs, I will eat your face! Who the hell builds a box like this?
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    In el segundo for the night

    Working out of el segundo today but should be around in the evening, like 8ish, if any locals are around. I am sans car and at manhattan beach. Already hollered at number as well
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    Happy Bday Double D!

    Happy bday Dale, stop by sometime! <3, teh chat
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    The Final Lesson Pass (AKA Pass with no name part 2)

    The gist of it: This will be the final lesson pass, as the stress of running them has taken years off my life. I felt I needed to run one last iteration to round it out to 5. I want to call out that since this will be the last of these, I am extending an open invite to anyone in good standing...
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    Anyone near Canton, MA?

    Will be out that way at the end of the month, anyone local?
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    1. by the book? 2. COOKIN BY THE BOOK SON 3.
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    Happy Independence Day!

    Happy 4th to all! Thank you to all those who have served so that we can enjoy the freedoms we do. Without you it would have ended with "We hold these truths to be self evident"