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    Good to Finally Have Some Time to Post!

    Man it has been a crazy few months. Work has been nuts, my dad died, my chlidren have been really busy with activities (and I usually drive my son to all his events) and so on and I have been going to my doctor's and PT appointments.. But this week I am on vacation so I thoguht I would do more...
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    Camacho Liberty 2008

    Have you tried these yet? I had one the other day at my B&M. They are a little beyond my price point but I had to try one. I am a Camacho "nut" ! I love most of their cigars. I have a couple or more of every year of Liberty except the 2004 and 2008. The 2008 started off slow but really got good...
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    Redneck Cigar reviews

    Short notes from a one good brain celled riverratt. No Pics but someday one of my more computer literate brothers might help me. Now the cigars I been smoking by the river are: 1. H.Upmann Churchill 2003. I am glad I had a great night to enjoy this very lengthily smoke. I have sworn off of...
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    Illusione Cigars

    I smoked my first Illusione today. It was the 68. I got it from the Dublin, Ohio Tinder Box. Wow I really loved it. Complex and tastety for a little cigar. I bought another size. I'm gonna' smoke it tomorrow. If it is anything like that little Colada then :thumbs: . Anyone else like these?
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    Who really likes these? :cool:
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    ...I have not been around much. I have been busy with: 1) cleaning up after 2 floods 2) cleaning up after an ice storm 3) a property disagreement with a neighbor 4) and my dad died So as things seem to be slowing down, I hope to be around more. :thumbs:
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    Thanks For The Great Year!

    It's been a few days and a year since I joined here. You guys have taught me a great deal more about cigars than I knew when I first joined. I have also enjoyed making some new herfing buddies and making new friends with BOTLS far and near. Though I did not join here expecting a thing but...
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    Opus X Fuente Fuente Flavored Cigar

    Well, I got off work early today and came home to enjoy a cigar in the house before everyone else gets home. I went to one of my desktop humi's and decided on a OXFF. I conducted the prelight routine (you know the drill). When I did the prelight siffarue, I noticed the smoke smelled cheesie. I...
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    Damn It All!

    Temptation is a bear!!! CI catalog came today! I am not going to look. I am not going to look..... :whistling:
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    SinkiMonki is toooooo much!

    StinkiMonki is one generous soul! That's all I will say so as not to pat him on the back too much! LOL!
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    Another Dog Got Hit

    Tonight I was on the back porch smokin' a cigar when I heard another dog get hit. I sat there for a couple of minutes not wanting to go see. But, I decided I would go and see if I could help the dog. I went out front where the road is and could not find the dog. Just then the neighbor came out...
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    We Are Moving on...

    First I want to thank the BOTL/SOTL's that posted such kind words about losing Rup. Second, I came home from some last minute shopping yesterday. My children and wife said we have some great news. They approached me with a picture and as they presented it to me said, "Hey dad we found another...
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    A Sad Day.....

    It's never easy to lose a pet. Today my hound dog got loose, ran into the road and got killed. I went to find him and he was lying there still breathing but unresponsive. I picked him and carried him into the house and laid him down. He died a few minutes later. My son and I wept. Tomorrow we...
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    Opus X

    .....what the hype is all about. I have smoked a couple this season. I am hooked. Had a really good expereince with a FF #4 and a little colada sized one. Man were they good. The B&M I got them at had a 2 stick limit, but that was per day. I will return there tomorrow and get 4 more (2 of...
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    Opus X Lancero 2005

    I was wondering if the Opus X Lancero 2005 came in glass sealed tubes or did venders put them in glass tubes to preserve them?
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    Juan Lopez Epicur #1 and #2

    Man, I smoked a couple Juan Lopez's over the weekend that my B&M had in the Humi and sitting for 2 years. These cigars blew me away. They were great. I really was perplexed with how good they smoked. :thumbs:
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    My Recruiter

    I went to the USPS office in Delaware, OH. to mail out a package of stix to a BOTL. When I entered the door, there stood in front of me a familiar face. Then it clicked it was Staff Sergeant Kinitz. I said hey there Marine. Kinitz replied "Have we met?" I said that it had been a while but yes we...
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    THE RIVER...

    Well, looks like my yard will be full of water again. River is at flood stage and still risen' and we are expectin' more snow, freezing rain and rain. Why dooes this always happen in the winter? :( By the way, check out my gallary for pix of the last time it flooded.
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    What's The Diffference ....

    Between the Anejo #49 and the Shark?
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    Post Turkey Day Hurf

    I will be at Woodland Cigar this Friday from 11:00 AM untill 3:30 PM. Come and join me for a smoke. Greg