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    NEWBIE WAR 2009!

    I think i heard some FOG's ready to call for a cease fire but i thought this would be the perfect time to lob one in from left field!! So NIKO... not even you can hide...keep your eyes out for a wary bomb looking to make a landing... :D
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    NEWBIE WAR 2009!

    So.... I get a call from Swissy to join him for a cigar today down at the local "lounge." Little did i know that he was waiting with a HAND GRENADE bomb for this unsuspecting newb.... Not very nice my friend ;) This beautiful pack of sticks that was WAY more than I deserve. Damn FOG's.... The...
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    The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread

    Got the package from Brian yesterday, what a treat! I would like to thank Swissy publicly for passing his wish onto me, an newb...It was a very thoughtful, generous and humbling gift. Hopefully i'll be able to grant someones wish soon. Hope you all have a great new year, and try not to...
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    The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread

    Being a newb, i'm a bit humbled by Swissy's generosity with the passing of his wish onto me but i'll do my best... My wish list would be: Aged Davidoff's Cohiba Siglo II, IV, V Anjeo "shark" Opus "Forbidden X" Opus X "Twin Towers" Bolivar Royal Corona Montecristo #1 Padron '26 Anni's That's...
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    Getting your Feet Wet part III (Newbie Pass)

    I would love to be a part of this pass and haven't been in one before, though i did participate in SS08 which was a blast! I don't know if i qualify as "active" since i don't post a whole lot but i'm always reading the threads!! Thanks Jonesy for thinkin of the newbies... Adam
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    How to join a pass

    I appreciate the comprehensive guide you layed out for us FNG's. I'm following along with Swissy's "Puppy Pass IV" right now and getting a feel for how they go so eventually i'll be prepared. Do guys ask before they post puts/takes? That's my only concern is not realizing what i'm really taking...
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    Opus X 22 CFCF Fun Box 2005 to 2013 Reviews!

    Just got done reading your review and it was very informative and the pics were great! Thanks for taking the time to do it right.
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    Arturo Fuent Anejo #77 Shark (pics included)

    A special congratulations are owed to you for all of you hard work, way to go on that case. I work with Swissy and met him for a cigar the other day. He shows up and hands me an Anejo (which i've never had one before). I can say i'm ruined; he can be such a jerk sometimes. What a spectacular...
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    Opus X perfection No. 5

    Very cool review on the Opus #5. The first ever OpusX i had was a Churchill (sorry, not sure of the number) and i was still very new to smoking cigars. It definitely showed me who was boss. I have an Opus X in my humidor right now and i can't wait to have it for some special occasion, like...
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    The Blind Leading the Blind Pass

    Just wanted to say i think it's pretty cool you are running a pass and including some newbies in the fun. i am a uber-newbie and have been enjoying reading posts though i haven't been posting much (or at all). I hope to get my feet wet with a pass here in the near future and would appreciate...
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    1 year anni on St. Patty's Day...time for a contest!

    I'll have to think of a funny joke but in the mean time, congratulations on your one year. i just joined about a month ago and have been really impressed with the neat commuity you guys have here. Adam
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    The Hot Potato Bomb

    Being a 'noob, i'm not entirely sure how one gets involved with a little hot potato action but it sure sounds like fun! Anyone care to share? Adam