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    Good to Finally Have Some Time to Post!

    Man it has been a crazy few months. Work has been nuts, my dad died, my chlidren have been really busy with activities (and I usually drive my son to all his events) and so on and I have been going to my doctor's and PT appointments.. But this week I am on vacation so I thoguht I would do more...
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    Camacho Liberty 2008

    Have you tried these yet? I had one the other day at my B&M. They are a little beyond my price point but I had to try one. I am a Camacho "nut" ! I love most of their cigars. I have a couple or more of every year of Liberty except the 2004 and 2008. The 2008 started off slow but really got good...
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    All about Lanceros

    I have liked the ones I have tried. I love the Oliva V Lancero. I turned a couple members on to these and one of the guys is hooked. I just feel like I need a Panama hat on when smoking this vitola.
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    1980's Davidoff Chateau Margeaux

    Very Nice John! Just don't forget your damn yankee friend from Ohio! LOL! I hope to see you soon!
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    Purchase Of a Lifetime For me!

    Nice haul! That coffin looks familiar! LOL!
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    Significance of 11/18 in Camacho vitolas?

    All I know is the Liberty's are some wonderful smokes.
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    Buyer Beware

    I have had good experiences from the vendors who advertise on this sight. I am also a social worker, one in need of psychiatric counseling. LOL! I have not yet reached the level of being trusted with the really good sources. But, someday I hope to be able to snatch the pebble form the hand of a...
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    To bad I missed this. Ed at Woodland Cigar in Delaware Ohio and I are Camacho nuts. I've smoked everything Camacho has made. I even smoked a cigar form a roll-off with another roller. I have met Christian a couple of times. Ed has two shelves of Camacho in his walk in Humidor. Today I suggestive...
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    Redneck Cigar reviews

    Short notes from a one good brain celled riverratt. No Pics but someday one of my more computer literate brothers might help me. Now the cigars I been smoking by the river are: 1. H.Upmann Churchill 2003. I am glad I had a great night to enjoy this very lengthily smoke. I have sworn off of...
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    What did you smoke today

    Today: Illusione 88, A Nub (Cubano I think it was) This was very tastey and well constructed. But when I grabbed it I though, "Where The heck is the rest of the cigar?". Surprisingly, this stout little stick was packed with flavor. I tasted cocoa and coffee. It took a while to get stoked but...
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    HI B! How's your new digs? I will see how many 858 SG's I can snagg. Mike has the 40th and 80th. I want to find what else he has in his backroom humi. The new dog is really cool. He is a joy. I might have to road trip your way befroe summer's end. Greg
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    Illusione CG4? Others?

    I smoked my first one today, a 68, and it was a tastey little smoke. Very complex, packed with flavors I like and bold yet not harsh. Tomorrow, I look foward to smoking the other size I bought.
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    Illusione Cigars

    I smoked my first Illusione today. It was the 68. I got it from the Dublin, Ohio Tinder Box. Wow I really loved it. Complex and tastety for a little cigar. I bought another size. I'm gonna' smoke it tomorrow. If it is anything like that little Colada then :thumbs: . Anyone else like these?
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    I should have specified 8-5-8 Sungrown. I have never smoked a WOAM. I sold one I had and gifted the other one. But, I came across some WOAM at the Tinder Box in Dublin, Ohio. They only had 5 left. I bought 3. I did not want to be greedy. Mike, the owner, said he had some 858 Sungrown in the back...
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    Birthday Bombed!

    Is that pic from your cabin? Next time, if my back goes out, I'll rent an ambulance to transport me there. LOL! :sign:
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    Birthday Bombed!

    Bamb it all! I missed your B-day! Crap! :angry:
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    Who really likes these? :cool:
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    Yes. Gael from La Luna Cigar (now exticnt) taught this back in the the 1990's. It works. You will find earlier discussions abount this if you use the search function. Gael also told me taht if you stick is a bit dry if you bloe through after you cut it, it will help restore some of the humidity...
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    I STILL got it.

    Hee! Hee! Hee! :laugh: :laugh:
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    1999 Romeo Y Julieta Churchills...Fake?

    Hi! My name is riverratt.... :laugh: