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    Manila Philippines

    Were going in about 5 months, have purchased airfare but still in planning phase. Hopefully virus will be contained by then if not, we will postpone the trip.
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    Manila Philippines

    I'm now able to login with my original account.
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    looking for some Pappy Van Winkle

    I know I'm reaching but would anyone know where I can find some Pappy Van Winkle preferably in CA Bay Area? 
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    Age Your Own Whiskey Kit

    Don't post much here but do a lot of reading and I'm look for your thoughts on the Woodinville Whiskey Co. age your own whiskey kit. http://www.woodinvil...wn-whiskey-kit/ I'm thinking about buying one and wonder how good the finish product tastes.
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    Holiday Smokes

    Currently enjoying Aurora puro vintage 2003
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    NorCal HERF, Dinner and Wine Tour II

    Star and I would like to thank to everyone for making our first HERF a wonderful experience. Big shout out to Alice and David for putting the HERF together.
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    NorCal HERF, Dinner and Wine Tour II

    Swissy, If you have a chance check out Vincent Arroyo Winery they have a really good Petite Sirah and their cab and cab blends are just as good. Give them a call at 800-690-1113 as tasting is by appointment only.
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    NorCal HERF, Dinner and Wine Tour II

    Sweet, we will definitely pass some around during lunch. Unfortunately it doesn't look like Star and I will be able to make Tower Cigars so will meet up at the market in Plymouth. Thank you for picking it up, see everyone on Friday.
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    NorCal HERF, Dinner and Wine Tour II

    Star and I will not be able to make the festivities on Thursday but are looking forward to seeing everyone Friday. Around what time do you plan on leaving Tower Cigars as I'm not sure when we will be arriving in Sacramento?
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    The last meal of your life

    Hamachi Shots Hudson Valley Foie Gras Dry Aged Porterhouse Big Baked Potato Spring Pea Risotto Ice tea All from Alexanders steak house here in the Bay Area
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    How a hot woman deals with home invasion

    Love it. Unfortunately us CA residents can't have such wonderful firearms, so I'll have to stick with my 1911 and s-gun.
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    NorCal HERF, Dinner and Wine Tour II

    I have a favor to ask of Blue Dragon and was hopping someone could provide me with his email or pass a long a message to him for me. See everyone in a few days..
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    NorCal HERF, Dinner and Wine Tour II

    Blue Dragon, I'm trying to send you a PM but your inbox is full.
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    My new rifle.

    Yesterday I picked up my second LRB M25 receiver. Still need a few more parts but it's getting there. Couple pics of my parts. Yes the scope mount is backwards, wasn't paying attention when putting it on for the pic. Going to build this with a wood stock and mostly USGI parts.
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    Updated Arsenal

    Very nice. As a fellow 10mm nut I think you need to add a Sig P220 in 10mm to that collection.
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    Double Trouble: Dueling Gods of Fire

    Great review, and good to hear you enjoyed them. The Don Carlos is a good cigar but I too prefer the Carlito. I usually drink Crown and Coke's with my GoF's I'll have to try one with a Boston Lager.
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    DSLR camera question

    Yea, I was up till 3am reading that site and I still have a bunch more reading to do.
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    DSLR camera question

    Nice pictures. I've decided on a Canon 40D body now I need to deiced on my first lens.