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  1. LPFerrante

    If you know anyone in NYC who...

    ...may want to do a locker share at Club Macanudo in New York City, please let me know. I'm leasing one in 2020. Truth is I keep all my stash at home (I only live six blocks away.) and wouldn't use it or at best have five or six sticks there. The membership is $1,500 yearly. It would be $750 a...
  2. LPFerrante

    Chinese Made Humidor Or Not

    A little background, I came back to cigars in 2016. After I decided I would stay a while, I bought a desk top Chinese made humidor. I battled with that thing for months and couldn't get it to hold RH above 64. This was using Boveda and then beads. Finally, I bought a higher priced humidor. I...
  3. LPFerrante

    November 22m 1963. Remembering A Fallen BOTL

    Fifty-six years ago today, a BOTL would not be able to enjoy his favorite H. Upmann at the day's end. Whatever your location on the globe, whatever your political belief, when we light up tonight, let's give a thought to this quote that still applies and remember to enjoy every puff.
  4. LPFerrante

    Think this is a fake Cuban...

    ...99% sure, just need to check the band again.
  5. LPFerrante

    Club Macanudo In New York City

    Good weekend to all BOTL & SOTL. I need a little help. I want to share a locker at Club Macanudo in NYC starting January 2020. Would anyone in the community know anyone who is a member and would want to share or wants to be a member and share? Thanks in advance.
  6. LPFerrante

    Do You Have Any Favorite Cigar Images?

    This LIFE picture is one of my JFK favorites. All of us know he was a fan of Habanos. But what you may not know and what was revealed by one of his staff in a 2000 interview is that Jack Kennedy wanted to exempt cigars from the Cuban embargo, JFK told Richard Goodwin, "We tried to exempt cigars...
  7. LPFerrante

    To Freeze Of Not To Freeze. That is the question.

    Tobacco beetles the bane of BOTL and SOFTL alike. Do any of you freeze you sticks before putting them in your main humdiro or quarantine them? Me, no. I'll take my chances.
  8. LPFerrante

    Is That Mold? Heck, I'll Smoke It Anyway

    To smoke a stick with mold or not? I'll fess-up first. If it is white mold, not extreme and not on the foor or cap, yup, i'll brush is off and spark it up.
  9. LPFerrante

    New York City

    I'd be interested in meetig up with New York City based BOTL.