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    Arganese Trip... with some pictures!

    Hey guys, I figured it's about time I get off my butt and actually post up some pics from my trip down to the factory. First, these are the guys I who joined us on the trip. There were only four people scheduled, and thanks to that, we all got our own room. From left to right: Tony, Dave...
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    Bringing back an old American Icon... the cowboy boot!

    Ok, so I've been on the hunt for cowboy boots for over the past two years, but living in NYC has made it somewhat difficult to see if I actually like them. Been fortunate enough to run across a store with a pair of Justin Lizards in my size, bought them, wore them, broke them in, and fell in...
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    Mama Juana anyone?

    Ok, so I heard about this special drink called mama juana, mainly found in the Dominican. It's essence is in the bottle, consisting of flowers, wood chips, and leaves to help re-ferment liquor (usually rum) to provide a bolder profile. Ingredients I used: Whole cloves Chamomile Cinnamon...
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    Tyler Thigpen

    So, after watching the super juxtaposed game of the Jets vs Chiefs, I was absolutely amazed at Thigpen's performance. He's shown us some interesting abilities, smart football plays, and an impressive completion rating, not including his less than spectacular previous starts. I'm curious as to...
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    Isle of Jura 10yr

    I recently had the opportunity to sample this scotch. Not much to say, not much to write home about. It had a spicy taste, the aroma was reminiscent of rubbing alcohol, and reminded me a bit of Oban without the smoothness or the complex flavours. A lot of words to summarize that I didn't...
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    Don Carlos #4 5 pack at Cigar Monster

    These are going for $24.95. Linky I know someone out there likes them.
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    Fishing Herf! again...

    Just thought I'd throw this out there. When: Either the 29th or 30th of August, still debating on best day to go. Time: Will be a night trip, yes looking for blues and/or stripers Where: Sheepshead Bay. Last time Dan and I went from here, there were blues as big as your thighs!! Cost...
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    Preferido Ruby Tubos at Cigar Monster

    Just thought some people might actually like these, but a great deal none the less. Preferido Ruby for $199.95.
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    Yes, finally bought my char-broil silver smoker!

    Nothing really informative or beneficial to anyone else, just really excited. :D :laugh: My new smoking utility. Time to do some 6 hour ribs.
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    Smoking fish.....

    Ok, in light of the upcoming fishing herf, I'm interested in smoking blue fish and stripes. But a few questions about these fish in general as I've never tried smoking fish yet. 1) Can I use any wood to smoke them? 2) Are they able to be cold smoked (lox style)? 3)If they can be cold smoked...
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    CBid Private Auction Miami 8/11 Lanceros

    Just thought I'd pass this along as another heads up. Although I am probably breaking protocol on this since it's a "private auction". Starting at $49.99 for a 10 pack. 2 things to keep in mind though. 1) Cbid is a sister site of Cigars International, so I'm no so sure about the quality...
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    Cien Anos Belicoso at CigarMonster

    Hey guys, just wanted to give you all a heads up, especially if you're like me and love the Cien Anos profile. $209.95 @ CigarMonster
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    PLPC Band changes?

    So is there a major band change that I don't know about? These are two PLPC from the same cab dated mid 07'. I used a quarter to show the relative size. The past year 06' had a completely different band in terms of registration and dimensions. Unfortunately I don't have one to show, but for...
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    Gazebos anyone?

    Well, some of you might know that I've been doing a lot of home improvements in my backyard, and it looks plain horrible. Been thinking about getting a gazebo for several reasons, mainly to hide from the rain, a place to relax and find shade during the summer time when I'm doing backyard bbqs...
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    Really old or really fake?

    Having seen this box in person, a few things are odd about it. The warranty seal is a bright lime green and missing the serial numbers usually located bottom center. The factory/date stamp is almost illegible. Only the Factory Code FR is legible. The Habanos Chevron don't have the words...
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    Impromptu NYC herf

    Just wanted to throw this out there, seeing as how a few of us are going to gather together at Merchants this coming Wednesday. I'll be there around 6pm. I hope they got some Pappy Van Winkle for me to sample.
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    Planning on smoking some lox!

    Well, after eating a lot of lox this past year, I figure why not try to do it myself? I was directed to this site by Justin on a recipe and some preparations. I also plan to purchase this smoker after Tom suggested it. Was thinking of getting some alder chips as well. Summer's around the...
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    Super Secret Chinese Marinades

    If you have ever went into a real Chinese restaurant, and ordered some chicken to go, they give you a small ounce or two of this kind of dip. It's really easy to make, and it actually goes well on all kinds of meats, for marinades, for dipping, for a slight topping, hell it can even replace...
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    DPG Black Figurado @ Cigarmonster

    DPG Black Figuardo for $109.95 at Cigarmonster I love the DPG Blacks, and this price is pretty good imo. Just thought I'd give everyone the heads up on this one.
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    Feb 9th, Tri-State Herf @ Havana Dreams

    You can read the official thread here. Main points: Starts at 2pm There is an all you can drink (beer and wine) option for $33 for around 4-5 hours. We might be able to use the downstairs. Bring a sweatshirt, it might get thick in there so the doors might be open for a bit to air the place out.