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  1. EzyRider

    Newbie questions

  2. EzyRider

    Newbie questions

    I never smoke favored or aromatic tobacco, but there are many great options beautiful looking pipes ...
  3. EzyRider

    What music are you listening to currently?

    Paco de Lucía earlier, now playin some blues if that counts
  4. EzyRider

    Ready to smoke

    Ready to smoke
  5. EzyRider

    Zippo? VS Butane

    I use a torch, but mis a soft flame, and am about ready to go back to my Zippos as they all work. Like Doc and others , I have a drawer full of expensive butane lighters, and none of them work.
  6. EzyRider

    American Whiskey II

    I will pick up a bottle of JB rye this weekend, thanks