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    I just figure out why some people are...

    :D :D :D :edited to move link:
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    Christmas Humor

    Just a little X-mas game to brighten your day. Left click to start the elves running Click and hold to start the pull back release to, well... release Santa Catapault 350.4 is my best so far...
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    New stuff at Google Google helps you type in your search now. Should be interesting to see what the competition comes up with to counter this new feature. Dave :D
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    Regardless of your political affilation

    Guess this dog's a Kerry supporter..... :D
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    Who knew?

    How 'bout Flying Lawnmowers! :p :p
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    Funny stuff

    Hooded winter jacket with large inside pocket to conceal identity & carry gun: $65.00 9mm Handgun purchased from Ray-Jay up the block: $150.00 Failure to exert proper weapon retention during your planned armed robbery: PRICELESS!!!!! LMAO :p :p
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    For all the nay-sayers out there

    enough said? :D :D :D I'll post updates as they happen. Dave ;)
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    Need some advice on flat TV's....

    A friend of mine was asking for some advice on flat TV's and I was at a loss for information, but figured SOMEBODY here has to know about these things.... She wants to potentially mount a flat TV (no idea what kind yet - just kicking around the idea) on the brick wall above her fireplace...
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    I'm on my way to a flatscreen!

    Ok, I promised to get these pictures posted. Sorry for the big size - but that's why I made links and didn't post the actual pictures Let this be a lesson though... apparently they're starting to check much harder for fraud. As soon as I got my 8 referrals for the flat screen, I saw this: All...
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    I need a few more referrals

    Ok, before I start in with the offer, let me preface this with the following: If you're not interested in the various Gratis Co. offers, or think I shouldn't be posting this here, or think I'm being greedy, or think I'm taking advantage of fellow members, or think I'm... well you get the idea -...
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    I'm so excited - less then an hour to kickoff! :D :D :D :D
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    G-Mail. Get your GMail here!

    Anyone want a Google email account? 1GB of storage - yours for the taking. I just got 6 invitations if anyone's interested. PM me with your email address Dave ;)
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    Funny news from Iraq

    Ok, maybe it's not really from Iraq, but it's still funny..... just watch it! Click here :edit: Whoops - fixed the link. :edit: Dave :D
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    Well, we just got home after a couple days in the hospital. We got there at 7:00 am Wednesday. Pitocin drip was started at 8:30 am. Carrie had her first contraction around 10:00 am. At 8:45 pm she began pushing and at 10:04 she officially gave birth to our brand new *SON*. Since I don't...
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    Just a few more hours

    Man this day got here fast. :0 9 more hours (7 am) and Carrie and I will be walking into the hospital to have her induced. By this time tomorrow I should be a dad! We'll spend the first couple of days in the hospital, but assuming things go smoothly, we should be home Friday. I'll have...
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    Another Great Free Offer

    Ok, you've already read everything from my iPod & flat screen threads. You've heard the good and bad. There are people that believe in this, and there are others that don't. I'm one of the believers. I just found another site by the same company that is offering new computers! Check out this...
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    Gotta be quick...

    So I'm just heading out to my couple of calls for today when I ge the call from Carrie. She was at her Doctors getting a checkup to make sure she and baby are doing ok. Turns out her blood pressure is all over the place. She's on her way home, we'll meet up and head to the hospital together...
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    Free Flat Screens

    Ok, I found this on another site - it was verified by a person that I trust. Here's how it works, you go to the site, sign up for one of the offers (they're all pretty decent - seriously) and then refer <edit> 8 friends to do the same thing. Once 8 people have completed the offer, you get your...
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    Free iPods

    <edit> This is the current link to sign up for: bryan_h: </edit> Thanks to everyone that signed up with my link. Please be sure to complete your offers. Now it's time for someone else to post their referral link. On with the offer...
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    How *NOT* to smoke a cigar

    This kid is STUUUUUPID. LMAO Dave ;)