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    I'm thinking about.....

    having my penis enlarged. Thoughts? :sign:
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    Ban that asshole, he's the one that hacked Snobs!
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    Let it snow!

    Snowing pretty heavily outside this morning. All you guy in the NE, look out! lol
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    Re: Snobs

    Snobs is down due to a phishing attempt. Hopefully, things will be up and running later on this evening although we might lose a couple of months of posts. :( Lee
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    Linky :laugh:
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    What a face!

    The newest member of our family.... :D Peabody, rescued from Picayune, MS.
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    Afternoon funny

    LMAO :laugh:
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    For the newbs....

    Posting and you! I know some long term members who should take a look at this also. Watch and learn! :D
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    Real Men of Genius

    LMAO :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    Ole Scrotum is in deep water over at! No one likes his a$$ so he starts a contest and then renigs on the winner! Full meltdown in progress! This idiot will never "get it" LMFAO :laugh:
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    Picture Pages!

    I feel like sharing today... Here's LTC's new logo... And here's my favorite of Gawntrail.... Here's one of Barney and I, before he went nuts... Ahhh, fond memories...... :laugh:
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    Gawntrail update

    Nothing sent yet, just more excuses apparently.
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    Just an FYI

    Before I start, if confrontation bothers you...turn around now. I was going to keep this only at CS but after doing some reading on here, I felt like I need to post a warning here as well. Gawntrail was in a high-end lotto on another board. He chose several numbers and drawing are held...
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    Sunday drive

    Drove down to Newport News yesterday to set up some things in my son's apartment. His bed needed some "customizing" and I needed to set up his fax, hang some pictures, etc. On the drive down, I enjoyed an Opus X Perfection X and some great jazz on the stereo including Kenny Garrett, Charles...
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    When it's taken too far....

    We all may have our battles to fight on here. I know when I see someone who is harming the community, I call them out. Lately, things have really gotten out of hand. When is enough enough? I have always believed that there is a line that we should never cross. We can bicker and debate over this...
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    Just an FYI..... PB is now a mod over on LTC. I know some you of think I give him hell for no reason.....well, everything is for a reason but recently, I actually thought he might be turning it around. Well, I was wrong! PB defended old Zach when he was doing his thing on here and now he's a...
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    Let's go Hokie's!

    It's time to kick some Tiger A$$!! :laugh:
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    davey in denial..........

    I figured you guys would be interested in reading this email I got from yours truely..... He obviously is still reading this board as in his reference to the switch I was told about in my Tivo thread...LMAO Enjoy! :laugh: Hey Lee, I’m sure I can get you a great deal on the Linksys Switch if...
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    Well, after all of the advice, I got the wife a Tivo and she loves it! Right now, I wired it up in line with the VCR via cable and RCA jacks so she can watch one while recording another. I have it split on the phone line right now but I eventually want to hook it up to my router. Only problem...
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    I'm a vodka drinker, by choice.....but I do enjoy lots of other spirits. I was in the ABC store today as I needed a few things for next weekend. I was looking around the vodka isle and I see this Svedka, on sale no doubt!! I picked up the big jug, hoping that would last through next weekend...