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    Well I was wrong.

    I've got two responsibilities/obligations from the recent fiasco and I mean to dutifully discharge them both. I need to do this for the good of the forum. I need to do this to settle accounts. And I need to do this to clear my conscience. First, I offer my sincere apologies to Bill for...
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    Twilight Zone moment of the day

    Mr. Wong How weird is that? In fact they're using the same character that makes up my last name. Wilkey
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    Best holiday wishes to all!

    I just wanted to take this early opportunity to wish all my CigarPass brothers and sisters a most joyous holiday season. Whether your holiday is Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Festivus, I hope that it will be filled with all that makes life the rich and wonderful blessing that it truly is...
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    Ginseng's Coming to the Mile High City in April '09

    I'll be in Denver from 4/2-4/4 in 2009 for a conference. Hope to meet some of the local CP'ers when I'm in town. I'm looking to add an extra day at one or both ends so as the time nears, I'll refresh this to see if we can scramble a couple of y'all for a dinner and smoke...if one can still do...
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    Signing off for a while

    Guys, I'm signing off for a few weeks at least and I didn't want it to seem like I just disappeared. I'll be turning off PMs (so my mailbox doesn't jam up) but you can reach me via the CigarPass email contact system if it's urgent. Wilkey
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    *** ALERT *** Padron 80th Boxes Leaking Sap

    In pulling out my empty Padron 80th box for Brian, I looked inside and was horrified to see significant amounts of sap oozing from the interior wood. All the wooden pieces facing the interior showed evidence of sap ooze. In the worst cases, enough sap oozed out to form sticky blobs. If you...
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    Has it been three years already?

    My three year anniversary slipped by a few days ago and I just realized it. It's been a helluva time here at "The 'Pass" and I'm grateful to have met so many good folks and made so many great friends. Some of the most insightful, admirable, and honest people I know populate this humble forum...
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    The ultimate herf coolerdor?

    Electric Motorized Coolerdor Wilkey
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    Recommend Spyware Software for Mac OS X 10.4

    Recently I've been getting the message "Your network settings have been changed by another application." This popup window comes up over and over again when I go to check network settings in System Preferences. This is new and unusual behavior. Can you computer gurus out there recommend any...
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    CigarPass MaW-PIF Thread Checkup

    Gentlemen, As the Make-a-Wish Pay it Forward thread approaches the 100 page milestone, it seems an opportune time to take the pulse of this active community effort. Please let us know your thoughts, delights, concerns, frustrations, etc., with the MaW-PIF thread so far. It might be useful to...
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    A tummy tuck or eye job's got nothing on this...

    Cosmetic snipping below the waistband. Wilkey
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    Do these sorta look like..

    Twenty Wilkey
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    Jaybay, you got me...right here

    Jay, Thank you, sir for the assortment of fine tobacco tubes! I'm very much looking forward to trying each and every one of this fascinating group. I also greatly appreciate the sincere note. Over time, these cigars will turn to ash and come to feed our flower garden but the notes, which I...
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    Edmundo Dantes, Mexican Regional Release

    Copyrighted material removed by author.
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    Island Prince Luana Iki 4-1/2" x 46 rg, Light

    Ever since I read the first few intriguing reports of this cigar line, I've been anxious to give it a try. And recently I got the opportunity to do just that. Here's how it went down. Prelight Impressions The cigar is beautifully constructed. Solid and well-wrapped with a nicely formed...
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    Esencia Belicoso 5-1/2" x 52 rg

    Esencia Belicoso 5-1/2" x 52 rg, Nicaraguan puro I was very generously gifted this cigar by a CigarPass member. Thank you sir! I should preface the review by saying that the cigar had been a bit squished at some point but the wrapper and cigar were intact. Prelight Impressions This is an...
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    Describing a Cigar: Body and Strength

    Copyrighted material removed by author.
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    Forgive my porn...

    Some very special friends moved into Casa Coleman today. (IMG: (IMG: Wilkey
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    Take a Survey, Help Child Learning Research

    Gentlemen, The infant learning lab at the U. of Delaware where I am a graduate student is carrying out research on children's understanding of shapes and their names. We've put together an online survey for this work. This survey is targeted at adults to establish a range of typical shapes to...
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    How to class up a $20 Coleman cooler

    Some of you might be familiar with my favored cigar storage system, the humble Coleman cooler. These things are only so-so as far as cold storage of food, but as functional and cost effective cigar storage, they are without peer. I have been buying these for years and they can be found for...