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  1. Mr_Wolf

    Happy birthday theHatguy

    Happy Birthday Dennis!
  2. Mr_Wolf

    Happy Birthday cigardawg!

    Happy Birthday Scot! Smoke a few great ones!! :thumbs:
  3. Mr_Wolf

    Happy Birthday Shooter

    Happy Birthday Shane! Smoke a few great ones today......between changing diapers that is! :laugh:
  4. Mr_Wolf

    Christmas Pipe

    Wifey got me good. I had no idea. Boswell with deer antler & antler tamper. It's crafted from some of his really old briar. :love: Now I have to wait til our company leaves to fire it up. :angry:
  5. Mr_Wolf

    Happy Birthday BrewMeister!

    Have a great one Tim! Enjoy your day!
  6. Mr_Wolf

    Boswell Ravens pipe

    Back during my last visit to Boswell's, I asked JM to make me a football themed pipe. I got a pewter Ravens hat pin and a basic design that I liked and told him to go nuts! I originally wanted a purple finish on it, but they thought this looked better. I do believe that the darker stain would...
  7. Mr_Wolf

    Happy Birthday Handyman Dave

    Smoke some great ones & enjoy your day!
  8. Mr_Wolf

    Happy Birthday Islesfan, Drew_Moberly, Cheekie, frenchy

    Happy Birthday Mike, Drew, Cheekie & frenchy. Smoke some good ones and enjoy your day!
  9. Mr_Wolf

    My latest Boswell haul....

    We had our herf at Boswell's this past Saturday. Wifey gave me the green light to get a couple of pipes. The picture of this one isn't doing it justice. It has a red finish on it. Also got a tin of McClelland's Mixture No.8, Dark Star and Dominican Glory maduro.
  10. Mr_Wolf

    Happy Birthday Blue Dragon

    Happy B-Day Cory! Smoke a few good ones and enjoy your day. :thumbs:
  11. Mr_Wolf

    Happy Birthday ddepaola & BrownDevil

    Happy Birthday Dan & Robert! Enjoy your day and smoke a few good ones!!
  12. Mr_Wolf

    My anniversary present

    Today we've been married 18 years, and my gift was this Boswell pipe. My wife told me she had this in the works since January. She coordinated with JM, BrewMeister and now I just found out with Handyman Dave! It's a Bulldog sitter (same style as the one I got a couple of weeks ago :whistling:)...
  13. Mr_Wolf

    RIP Charlton Heston

    One of my favorite actors. RIP From "LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Charlton Heston, who won the 1959 best actor Oscar as the chariot-racing "Ben-Hur" and portrayed Moses, Michelangelo, El Cid and other heroic figures in movie epics of the '50s and '60s, has died. He was 84. The actor died...
  14. Mr_Wolf

    RIP Boyd Coddington

    Not much on his TV show, but loved his cars. RIP. His website . LOS ANGELES — Car-building legend Boyd Coddington, whose testosterone-injected cable TV reality show "American Hot Rod" introduced the nation to the West Coast hot rod guru, has died. He was 63. Coddington died at Presbyterian...
  15. Mr_Wolf

    Boswell Fishing Pipe

    My new little pipe came today! It's a Boswell Fishing Pipe. Compact and lite, apple shaped with a 1' lanyard to hook to your fishing vest. Just in time too, the white & yellow perch will be running soon! Got some Majestic 586 to break it in with.
  16. Mr_Wolf

    Pipedia.... a Wikipedia for Pipes

    Linky. Looks interesting.
  17. Mr_Wolf

    Happy Birthday Shooter!

    Happy Birthday Shane! Smoke a couple of great ones, sip a little 'shine and enjoy your day!!
  18. Mr_Wolf

    Christmas gift from the Wife

    I almost ordered this for myself a few weeks ago. She got a hold of his secretary and had him sign it for me! The last pic is a new mouse pad. :thumbs:
  19. Mr_Wolf

    Happy Birthday Vortex

    Happy Birthday Steve! Smoke a bunch of great ones and enjoy your day!
  20. Mr_Wolf

    Boswell Minie Ball pipe

    In the past year my son has expressed interest in the Civil War. And of course, we are lucky enough to live near when a lot of the battles happened. Next year we plan on taking a few weekend trips to the various battlefields. Now while crusing the Boswell website, I came across this little...