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    Humor #2

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    Great Grandpa Update

    Well, Jameson is home. He's only a baby so long. They live 50 miles away, but this situation makes for an impossible visit for how long? As long as he's ok we're good. Grandma is all over this like flys but pic's is the best we can do. Give me a chance and I'm going to get him to at least...
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    Great Grandpa x 2

    Something happy to share, my new grandson Jameson, born 4/4/20 and 6.5#. The doc wanted to induce a week early while thing were reasonable. His dad, Jacob is a Dallas police officer, so they did a test before letting him back for delivery. At this point all is well. Wanted to share this with...
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    Lite Fun Fact #2

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    Lite Fun Facts #1

    Hopefully something to lighten the current situation.
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    New Mask?

    We all need a laugh, and who knows if this works?
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    Dinner Prayer

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    Webster Cigars & General Cigars

    January 7, 1918 Died August 28, 2011(aged 93) Stamford, Connecticut Nationality American Occupation Businessman Known for President and CEO of General Cigar Company Children Edgar M. Cullman Jr. Lucy Cullman Danziger Susan Cullman Kirby Relatives Joseph Cullman III(brother) Dorothy...
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    Caring, Sharing & Brotherhood

    OR, why is CP a good place to be? It's not a five word answer. Ive been here 10 years. I started off by dissing off 128 BOTL and got roasted and invited to learn or leave. I have continued to learn. In the process you make some wonderful friends that literally come out of the woods. Two...
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    Artistic DryBox

    Tell what you think BTOL. A lady does these as a hobby. If interested email me and I’ll tell you more.
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    Merry Chtistmas

    To my family and friends here on CP, a very Merry Christmas to you all. All you folks rock, have a great day.
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    Tasting a Cigar

    Sounds simple, right? Well it depends. Taste is defined as “form of direct chemoreception and is one of the traditional five senses. It refers to the ability to detect the flavor of substances such as food, certain minerals, and poisons.” But when taste partners with the sense of smell… that is...
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    Great Grandpa

    Hey gang, meet Riley Renee born 11/12 weighing 7# 4oz. Our first great grandchild. And while I’m here, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
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    Bingga Bangga Boomma

    Alrighty someone is seriously messing with this pug. It’s raining, cool, lite wind and the post man comes. There are 160 apartments so what are my chances. Well, perhaps a bone or treat yes, NO.... someone from Technology Intregrators sneaks in with a bomb and rather than showing pity on an...
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    A Real Playboy

    Personally, I never knew this car existed. How about you?
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    9th Anniversary

    Yesterday was my 9th Anni. here on CP. Thank you ROD for being BYTEmaster of this motley crew. Thanks to Jerry ( Zeemanb for this great stick ), and I’m thankful to you, the members of CP for the guidance, comments, suggestions and course corrections over the years. You indeed are my SOTL’s...
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    Lunch with a buddy

    Need something to lighten up, thought this might give us pause.
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    Contest Time

    Next week Friday I turn 3/4 century old. I’m inviting you to the party, but I will present one of you a worthy gift. Rules: ONLY three (3) guesses per member, all in one reply. The closest to the correct guess wins the gift. Entries close Thursday at 2400 hours ( 12 pm if you don’t know...