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  1. SamClemmons

    First Trip to Cuba report

    I never visited. I lived there. N
  2. SamClemmons

    Where are all the clowns?

    Piss off Horace. After surgeries on both hands and right knee my handicap is up to a freakin' 10. Never thought I'd see the day I couldn't break 80 consistently but the day has come. At least my Redskins dominated their division. N '
  3. SamClemmons

    Where are all the clowns?

    Geezus. Wine pansies now. Can you people sink any lower. Hey! How about a nice eau de toilette to compliment your frilly blouses? That would be fabulous. God, what complete wankers you people turned out to be. NA
  4. SamClemmons

    Happy Birthday, Neal. (SamClemmons)

    Well Geez, I missed my own birthday. I wonder could I get a do over if I wrote a letter?   Thanks guys... you too Todd.   N
  5. SamClemmons

    Checking back in...been off the boards for a while...

    Living the dream in Myrtle Beach... who needs pants. NA
  6. SamClemmons

    CPFFL Year 12 - managers wanted

    Well boys it has been a good 11 years but it's looking like we are losing some managers. This is the Fantasy Football league started by The Beast back in 2002. It's a 10 team league and Kenny (allofus123) is the commish. Cuban cigar payout or cash we'll have to vote on it. Entry fee ranges from...
  7. SamClemmons

    Souldog sad news

    What these guys said. Damn.
  8. SamClemmons

    Happy 58th Birthday Anthony (tone-ny)

    I look forward to it bruddah. Just put a G25 driver in the bag. Hands down the easiest driver to shape a shot I ever hit. Don't know why more guys don't play them.   NA
  9. SamClemmons

    Happy 58th Birthday Anthony (tone-ny)

    Antny... looks like you got a pile of these damned things old friend. I sure am glad this ain't a memorial thread... ain't you?   NA
  10. SamClemmons

    Happy Birthday samclemmons!

    Shoot. If I can't remember my own you'll just have to get in line. Happy belated.
  11. SamClemmons

    Happy Birthday samclemmons!

    Damn! I missed my birthday.
  12. SamClemmons

    Wanted: Fantasy Football Manager

    Fuggin' Hawkie has invaded my space. At least I get him the first week. NA
  13. SamClemmons

    Happy birthday SamClemmons and NorcalMark

    Sooo... it has come to this. Sharing my fuggin' bday thread. How soon they forget. Thanks guys... and Doc. NA
  14. SamClemmons

    1st Annual (and only) CPI Herf!

    I'm sure any of the old guard will be welcomed, CPI acolyte or not. Newbs should be required to wear black "X" t'shirts... for obvious reasons. NA
  15. SamClemmons


    Okay, I'm curious now. What sort of "media" changes are you talking about? We haven't used rock hammers and stone chisels since... geez... at least 1999. It's not about technology, it's about exposure of both people and content. NA
  16. SamClemmons

    Happy Birthday, Neal

    In your dreams Cookie. Thanks guys. NA
  17. SamClemmons


    Ahem.... no. NA
  18. SamClemmons

    Happy bday Neal!

    Fuggin' birthdays are relentless. Thanks fellers. NA