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  1. raymb1

    Travel case

    Do any of the casual smokers here use the air/water tight travel cases for their cigar storage? I see some nice looking 5 to 25 ct. cases on Amazon.
  2. raymb1

    Mild cigars

    I'm a newbie here and would like some recommendations on mild cigars in the $6 to $12 range. Thanks in advance.
  3. raymb1

    Seasoning a humidor

    Using 84% boveda packs to season a new humidor for 1-2 weeks, what RH percentage needs to be reached to start using it?
  4. raymb1

    Sobremesa Cigars

    Back into cigars after many years. Really like Steve Saka's (Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust) cigars. In particular the Mi Querida cigars.
  5. raymb1

    Humidor RH

    I have a seasoned glass top humidor 25 ct. Problem is, it needs an 84% Boveda pack to maintain an RH of 67%. Is this humidor worth keeping or should I buy a new one.