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  1. oke&coke

    RyJ Prince of Wales from 1984

    Just wanted to to post up that I found a box of these for sale for 1850 euros. I’m not going to link them but if anyone is interested, pm me. Group buy? About $500 a fiver.
  2. oke&coke

    Who wants to buy a yacht?

    LINK It’s only $10k and they don’t mention that it is the most famous yacht in America. Used to be owned by Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood. Christopher Walken also spent the night on it. Edit for name.
  3. oke&coke

    Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries She was 46.
  4. oke&coke

    Happy birthday NANP

    Hope it's a great one, filled with good food, fine spirits and great cigars.
  5. oke&coke

    Secret Santa

    It is almost that time of year. Get your stockings ready.
  6. oke&coke

    My weatherman sucks!!!

    He said I would get a little rain, he didn't say anything about hurricane Bill tearing through the area. The kids are crying, the cats are freaking out and I don't know where to start cleaning this mess. I will say it again Bill, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I will enjoy the selection.
  7. oke&coke

    Someone destroyed my box

    I woke up this afternoon, went to check my box and found a big package stuffed inside of it. My heart started to race, my breathing got shallow and sweat started to roll down my face as I started to work this thing out. It finally came out and it was big. Bulging at the seams and ready to...
  8. oke&coke

    Happy birthday Jerry

    Hope you have a great day filled with good food and smokes. Oh, and all the fireworks are for you buddy.
  9. oke&coke

    Eshaw99, Happy Birthday!!

    Hope it's a great one, with some epic smokes.
  10. oke&coke

    La Escepcion Selectos Finos 2011

    I just found a retailer that has some in stock. If anyone wants to do a box split I can give you the info. Unfortunately I can't head this one up at this time. The price is kind of high here so not sure if gouging or just market prices.
  11. oke&coke

    Bills back contest. H Upmann Sir Winston

    I was generously given this cigar by a member here so I decided to enjoy it for Fathers Day. Dated December 2010. The prelight had an aroma and taste of clean tobacco. The draw was just right. Sir Winston by oke&coke posted Jun 18, 2017 at 1:39 PM This thing was great right off the bat. The...
  12. oke&coke

    Big thank you to BBS

    Met up with Tom yesterday. He generously opened his home and humidor. I had a great time Tom and I look forward to meeting up again.
  13. oke&coke

    JBfurdog is having a party

    Hope its a great birthday.
  14. oke&coke

    Maui Brewing Company

    I know some people are fans of their beer.
  15. oke&coke

    Happy birthday MOBIG

    Hope its a great one.
  16. oke&coke


    I always thought they made a mistake.
  17. oke&coke

    Lt. General Hal Moore-94
  18. oke&coke

    Dirty Dozen

    Can you spot the 12 British soldier in this photo? The answers can be found here.
  19. oke&coke

    Win an Indian Chieftain Go here to vote for your favorite custom build and get entered to win a new bike.
  20. oke&coke

    Alcohol moniter Saw an article for this and thought it was interesting. Not something I would need, but if you were concerned about consumption control for any reason, might be good to have.